Newsletter with first trip

Italy, Mallorca & Malta

Dear reader,

Finally, finally, finally we can tell you about our travels. The students are experiencing Italy, Mallorca and Malta, and it is so unbelievably well deserved that they have finally been allowed to travel together.

The mood is amazingly good and being allowed to travel is just top notch. We have waited so long, and it finally happened. Right now the students are well underway with the last part of the journeys, and then there is a team on a trip around Denmark. We gather an overview here in the newsletter, and you can easily feel that the students enjoy themselves.


We start on the big Italian trip that the majority of the students have chosen. They are housed at Bella Italia Village, which offers a wide variety of activities.

The surf team has benefited from the fact that the beach is right next to the hotel. They have tried kitesurfing and a lot of other water sports activities.

Although it is very hot in Italy, Fit For Fight has practiced strength and lifting techniques in the training rooms - they have a constant search for personal records continues.

Burpees, toes to bar and squat cleans .. lets go. Today's workout in CrossFit sagitarius. Full throttle!!!, ”says Peter, who is the team leader.

Fashion & Sustainability feels comfortable - both in the heat and in fashionable and fashion-conscious Italy. First trip went to the weaving shop Arte Viva in Udine. "Arte Viva weaves both for its own store, but also for the big fashion houses such as Chanel," they said about the trip.

More than 200 students went to Venice to experience the historic and “flooded” city. It was possibly the biggest day trip we've ever been on, and it took quite a lot of coordination to get everyone going. Luckily it went well and they had a wonderful trip. There was time to walk around in small groups, and luckily the media team was with them, so a lot of good pictures were taken.

The adventure team has been on a fantastic hike in the Dolomites. It was challenging for many of the students, but it went well, and when the view of the mountains appeared, it was all worth it. “ADVENTURE has been on an adventure! Awesome day - tired legs, ”Rune wrote about the trip.

The students on basketball, together with Steven, have practiced making 3's (score three points, ed.). However, that was not the only thing they practiced. "The boys are practicing their power poses," Steven clarified about the pool picture below.

Italy really has a lot to offer when it comes to gastronomy and conditory. The students experienced this - and not least their taste buds.


Let's take a flight from Italy to Spain. About 1,400 km. west of Bella Italia Village, a small brigade of boats with Ranum students sails around. Mallorca's beautiful maritime surroundings speak for themselves, and good winds and even better mood are reported from the sailing team's skippers.


We're going on a flight on the plane again, and this time we're heading southeast. Beneath Malta's sea surface, the diving team is well on its way to exploring reefs and wrecks, and they are experiencing the underwater world.

Denmark trip

The last stop on the flight before we land again is here in Denmark. Here, we also have a group of students on trips with Ning and Ib. The Danish summer has been good for us, and especially when the weather is good, there is every good reason to also travel around Denmark.

Thank you for joining the flight over our first travels this year. The students come home during the weekend, and we look forward to hearing more about all the good stories and experiences they bring home.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College