Casino Weekend, Self Test & Beautiful Sunset

Dear reader,

We have admittedly already gone on extended weekend, but that does not mean we skip the newsletter. We look back on the past week and gather the good, the big and the small stories in an overview for all of you who want to follow the efterskole life.

We start all the way back to last week when the Casino Weekend was about to begin. Happy reading!

Casino weekend

The students were very engaged in last weekend's big, annual Casino Weekend.

In front of the Assembly Hall stood black-clad security guards, making sure that the games took place safely and fairly. Inside, there was full focus, with spectators and players humming around the tables, only interrupted by rattling chips and occasional cheers as the winnings rolled in. The students played Roulette, Black Jack and of course poker - of course with Ranum chips.

The poker tournament, which was the main event, was going on for over five hours, so it required concentration to get through. After several all-in's and ups and downs, it was three talented boys who got the big prizes:

  1. Camillo Holch Kohorst - Go-karting for KTG
  2. Rasmus Trærup Brødsgaard - Aalborg + McDonalds for KTG
  3. David Emil Alici - Aalborg ZOO and McDonalds for KTG.

Self-testing is now part of everyday life

We are heading to something completely different, which is part of the test strategy at schools across the country. This week has offered the introduction of self-testing - and in this second round, we have generally become quite good at it already. It's still not the funniest thing in the world, but it's what keeps the school going, so we do it gladly!

The most beautiful sunset is found in Rønbjerg

… And we actually mean that. Rønbjerg is not only our maritime base, but also the favorite place when we have to enjoy the last rays of the sun across the Limfjord.

Sofa Session

And now, of course, it's time for another Sofa Session. And we actually have a little premiere this time!

This is the first time that a Danish student has sung in Sofa Session. Here is Pauline singing a beautiful cover of Tina Dickow's "Break of Day". So please give a warm welcome to Pauline and this week's Sofa Session.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College