Municipalities reopened, we had IBO & and three girls got on the front page

Dear reader,

Fresh news from Denmark's most beautiful afterschool once again. And there is good news. Really good news.

The municipality of Vesthimmerland is open again (HURRA!), and that means that we can travel to and from Ranum again. While that's obviously really nice, it's actually been a super good and affirming experience to be together for these weeks. At the same time, a lot of people have said that it has strengthened the community.

Having said that, we are of course also looking forward to welcoming the students who have been home for various reasons during the shutdown, and experiencing that reunion is enormously affirming for the students, because you feel that you have missed your friends.

We've said it before and we'll say it again: This is truly a special yearand this is an experience we will never forget.

Fortunately, there's still a lot of after-school life, and here's a bit about what it's been like this week. Welcome and enjoy your reading.

Ranun girls help HIV/AIDS affected girls in India

The three after-school girls, Nanna, Katja and Arianna, literally went to the macaroons when they decided to raise money for HIV and AIDS affected girls at ARK India. They baked cakes and sold them, raising more than DKK 5,000. With a bit of quick arithmetic, that's a lot of cakes they sold, and the value is far greater in India than here at home. The achievement is wildly impressive and remarkable, which is why Nordjyske got wind of the story. They wrote a nice article (see picture) about the girls' work, of which they can be very proud.

Christmas weekend: the school decorated and the tree on the roof

Something magical happens when we decorate for Christmas. The dining room comes alive, the many fairy lights give a warm feeling and on top of the roof stands the Christmas tree - true to tradition. Christmas at Ranum is very special, and every year we do our best to spread the good atmosphere.

See all the photos here.

It all kicked off last week's Christmas weekend, which included DIY decorations, lots of baking, cut-and-paste and, of course, The Secret Santa Show. What it was all about, you'll almost have to see for yourself here (only works if you're in the Facebook group).

IBO: Innovation, Global Goals, Practice and Bridging

Students at Ranum are equipped to make a difference in the world. To make a difference and to do something for others. That's why Innovations-BbuildingOThe task fits in well with the teaching at Ranum, because it is exactly what we already work with in cultural studies, for example.

The week has given the 10th graders time to immerse themselves in solving a problem for a company based on an SDG.

The international students have also had project week, and they have been working on dream jobs in a more traditional OSO sense. For example, fashion designer, which Ema chose. She styled one of her friends and took pictures so beautiful that Vogue will probably call her up one day in the future. See for yourself below.

Parent talks

Most have had parent-teacher conferences during the week, and thus had a general chat about well-being and how things are going academically. That's why digital team meetings were in full swing on Thursday evening. The feedback is generally good humour and in some cases a little tightening up is needed, so there is a continued focus on this where it is needed.

In the coming week is the theme of Imagination Week. We have written a little about it earlier in last week's newsletter, but in general we can say that it will be a week of creative expression and lots of after-school life. So stay tuned to all channels next week.

In addition, we have invited you to perhaps Denmark's biggest children's birthday party on Wednesday. We've spent some of the money donated to us, and without giving too much away, we can say that it will be a festive day with lots of activities. You'll be hearing more about that, so look forward.

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College