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Last Profile Lessons, Pumpkin Cutting & Global Projects

Dear reader,

We're back after a lovely autumn break, where students have been home to recover - some of course needing to come home and recharge their batteries more than others. In general, there was a lot of joy when the school was filled with returning students on Sunday. It is also the last week of profile classes, each of which has completed different projects this week. Now we enter a new period and look forward to new subjects, new friendships, new communities and new experiences.

It's getting colder outside and the beautiful autumn colours of the Tree of Life are a testament to the changing season. For after-school life, that means more fun hours inside, and there have been plenty of those this week.

Welcome to this week's news from Ranum - and thank you for reading.

PS. If you read the newsletter to the end, there's a musical surprise.

Subjects change and new communities are formed

The school year at Ranum is divided into periods, and at this time we are moving into a new period. The next months we are preparing for two trips: a joint ski trip and a road trip in Europe. Things are not quite as they used to be. Normally we would have started the cultural subjects now, but this year we are postponing them until next term. This way, we hope to have a better chance of finishing the cultural subjects with trips around the world.

Cheerleading finished by filming the performance they've been practising, the adventure team took one last trip out on the water in kayaks and the surfers went to their home turf at the North Sea to catch the waves. Below you can see a small sample of the final profile lessons.

With autumn comes pumpkin

Visual Design has immersed itself in the art of pumpkin carving, and they are slowly popping up around the school. It's a fun tradition that students enjoy together. Next week, several contact groups have ordered pumpkins through the head chef, so more are likely to come soon.

Global Perspectives projects

Many students have been working on Global Perspectives projects during the week. More and more posters and flyers with different statements are gradually appearing to draw attention to issues such as the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Three girls are doing a project to bake cakes which are sold to pupils at school to raise money for ARK India (Acts of Random Kindness), which is among the after-school support projects. And of course it deserves a mention here. Last Thursday, the girls had a video conversation with girls from ARK India.

At ARK India, HIV-affected, homeless and orphaned girls are given a new opportunity in life for a home, education, care and generally a healthier and better life.

If you would like to help support ARK India, please send a donation to MobilPay to 15327 and type GP India in description. All support is warmly welcomed and will go towards giving the girls a better life.

PVA competition: travel stories and memories

After each profile and culture period, we collect pictures and stories to share with the world and each other at school. We do this in the PVA competition (Pictures, Videos, Article).

Of course, there are prizes for the best, but in general the competition is also an invitation to process the experiences and share them with others. The competition has been running for many years and many of the very best photos we have were taken by students who sent them in.

See the post in the Facebook group if you are one of those who are considering but have not yet had time to submit.

In this group you can read more about the competition: PVA Facebook group (click here).

A day at Ranum

Our SoMe team (short for Social Media - not to be confused with "so me") is on the spot with daily stories on Ranum's Instagram. and earlier this week you could follow a day at Ranum. So if you're curious about how one of these goes, click on the picture below.

Or click here to go to the Instagram story.

In the coming week they start activity classes, and in addition Imagination Days. We'll leave that as a teaser for next week, but let's just say it'll be something with dreams.

If you've made it this far, we'd like to say thank you with a little Friday entertainment - the music team's concert from the Festival Hall. It'll make a great soundtrack to your Friday night. Enjoy!

All the best,

Ranum Efterskole College