Community singing, #that's enough & debate post

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Here is Friday's newsletter. It's about the big and the small, and is mostly a round-up of the week's events.

Community singing: "Let them play in the crown of the Tree of Life"

I'm sure you know it, but in case this is your first time hearing The Tree of Life, it's a good old high school song that has really burned itself into the rafters here at Ranum. It's our community song. It evokes a lot of good memories from the fellowship hall, and it takes us back to the time when we could all be together.

So we decided to sing the Tree of Life to the students. And to remind them that we are still here and that we are thinking of them. Feel free to sing along - it's below.

Art & Design: it will be good again

The rainbow has many meanings. In Christianity, it is a sign of God's covenant with man. In society, it is used as a symbol of community, equality and unity. In these times, the rainbow has taken on another meaning: "It will be all right". The Art & Design team were asked to explore this concept and create their own rainbows to give hope and reassurance to the people around them.

You can see all the pictures and the students' descriptions at Facebook in this post.

Debate post: "CoVID-19 lockdown isn't going to stop air pollution or climate change"

Students are still being taught and still doing assignments, and often it's about the situation we're in. Benjamin, who is in the 10th IG, has written a really nice debate paper in the Global Perspectives subject. It deserves to be read by as many people as possible, so here's your chance.

It is about the effect of coronavirus on climate, and nevertheless it is Benjamin's attempt to shed light on the relationship between the two.

Debate post about COVID-19

Wildlife: Namibia collection

We have very dedicated cultural studies teachers, and one of them is Carsten. He has been to Namibia quite a few times to help N/a'an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary. They have been hit hard by the crisis, and so they are collecting money to send financial support to the wildlife in Namibia.

Carsten writes:

"Raising funds for the N/a'an ku sê Wildlife Sanctuary in Namibia during a difficult time (covid19) Help secure a future for animals right here. We've now reached £2,750 - thanks to you, it's helped.These Chacma baboons end up at N/a'an ku sê for many different reasons, but they have one thing in common: they'll spend the rest of their lives at the centre. Every day, a large group of baboons come out to walk, climb, play and experience .Marlice van Vuuren (founder of N/a'an ku sê) is not too nice to share her water bottle with them ❤ Send your contribution on MobilePay (60138120) Thank you in advance ❤🙈

Friday Community Gathering: Peter & the Panel

Friday's community gathering was a new edition of a panel discussion with four philosophy students. Peter brought with him a series of questions and issues sent to him by other students. Together, they found a solution... or at least some kind of answer to what the questioners could come up with.

How to. So we got through this week's newsletter. It's great that you're reading along, so thank you for that. We'll keep our noses to the grindstone and hope there's good news on the next phase of Denmark's reopening. It may very well be our turn very soon, so we can have a good end to this afterschool year.

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