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Shrovetide, Casino Weekend and Travel Memories

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We take a look at another great week of afterschool, and then dive into the many activities the week has offered. Among other things, we'll be looking at a six-hour poker tournament, perhaps North Jutland's biggest Halloween party and then we'll take a look at the students' best photos, videos and articles from the cultural studies trips. And then there's everything else. It's going to be good, and there's good reason to read along. Enjoy!


We have many international students, as you know, and when they are told that we are "kicking the bucket" they turn up their noses a little. Until we tell them that it's not a live cat and that it's just an expression that sticks.

On the other hand, they could easily relate to hyggen and the fun of dressing up for Shrove Tuesday. There were lots of great costumes and many contact groups had put a lot of work into a costume theme.

The best individual costume was shared between the Pig and the Frog! Best Contact Group was the Bear Gang aka Contact Group 8, who received the award for teamwork, unity and good support. They were in fierce competition with the M&M's and the Sausage Men

See all the great photos from the Halloween party by clicking here.

Casino weekend

106 participants, 6 hours of games and finally one winner. Last weekend, the loft of the Kærhuset was transformed into a casino room, where 10 poker tables were prepared for the tournament. Our reporter on location, Rasmus, was around in all corners to take the pulse of the atmosphere, and you can of course see it in the video above.

It all ended with Thea taking the top spot on the podium, and she is now the reigning poker champion at Ranum. She was closely followed by Martin and Marius respectively, who had to settle for 2nd and 3rd place. Well played, and not least well kept. It takes patience and willpower to get this far in a 6 hour tournament.

PVA Award Show

On Wednesday, we held the 19th annual PVA Award Show for the cultural studies travels. Students submit photos, videos, articles, podcasts and Year Book pages for the competition, and at the show the winners are announced. The judging panel is made up of school staff and 1-2 external judges who judge the different categories. It's a real cornucopia of great stories submitted by students, which are used in the REC calendar, pictures are hung around the school, and it's also a great insight into what students experience on their travels.

There were a lot of good ideas and the students managed to communicate their experiences really well. At the end of the show, we awarded the prize for "Over all Winner", and it was Cathrine Pedersen, who had submitted both video, photos and Year Book page. She had put a lot of work into her productions, and the judges were particularly enthusiastic about her interview with a head teacher from the Friendship School in India. "I didn't expect that at all," said a surprised and slightly shaken Cathrine after the show. Pictured below with Nigel, the organiser of the competition, we can't wait to see if Cathrine gets as many great photos and videos with her newly acquired GoPro from her final profile trip to the Netherlands.

Below you have an overview of all the winners. We just have to say many thanks to allwho entered the competition.

🏆Best picture : Birch

The judge, Martin Damgård, said of Birk's picture that it was the best he had seen in his time as a judge. The subject, the composition, the colours - all work together to create a supportive whole, beautifully conveying the atmosphere of Japan's neon-lit streets.

🏆 Best picture series : Philip

We are going to Japan again to find the best series (3 pictures). Here, Philip has put together a series of images featuring three very different environments that impressed the judges.

🏆 Best video : Rasmus

Rasmus is an old friend in the competition. He won "Best over all" in the first competition. He took the GoPro camera he won to Nepal, and this beautiful video and story came out of it. The audience applauded wildly when they saw the video in the ballroom at the show. And it's not without reason, of course. He is talented, both in his delivery and editing, and he also has a dream of becoming a producer or at least working in film in the future. He can certainly do that, if you ask us.

🏆 Best article : Rosa

Rosa's story about her trip to Malaysia made a big impression on the judges. In her story "A day as a tribesman", she takes us on a detailed journey through the jungle, where she met snakes, spiders and indigenous tribesmen. Her descriptions of the emotions that ran through her and her companions give the reader a sense of being there themselves.

🏆 Best Year Book page : Nano

This is the first time that this part of the competition is taking place. There were many good entries, but the judges' choice fell on Nano, who was in San Francisco experiencing life as an American high school student first hand.

🏆 Best Podcast : Asbjørn og Nicolai

Although there was only one contender in this category, the judges were enthusiastic about the two boys' talk of pushing boundaries in New Zealand. Listen to it by clicking on the image.

🏆 Best of the best: Cathrine Pedersen

Congratulations to all the winners - and to everyone who took part.

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Johannes V. - Farsø

A group of students had a nice visit at Johannes V. Jensen Museum in Farsø - the birthplace of the Nobel Prize winner. Among many important information we found out that the author had a long-lasting secret relationship with his 14 years older - and married - cousin.
The visit ended with a visit to Farsø's other big attraction: the Town Hall Centre - the world's smallest - and Vesthimmerland's only - shopping centre.

Sloe Jim concert

Our administrative manager, Carl Benisson, invited his band, Sloe Jim, to play a concert on Thursday evening. The students were in a super good mood and had a fun, different experience.

Student party

Tonight, the Student Party Committee and the Parents' Council are holding a student party, and all week the school has been buzzing with excitement and joy. We hope everyone has a super good and safe school party.

We've reached the end of another overview of the week's activities. If you've made it this far, thank you very much. It's a great pleasure to tell these stories, so we hope you enjoy reading along too.

That's all. See you next week!

Have a great weekend

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