Welcome home - Get an overview of the best photos and videos

Dear reader,

Then the travels are about to end. Several have already returned and others are on their way home by plane or bus.

Here's an overview of the week's best stories, roll roll roll. It's a long way to the bottom. If you want to jump straight to a specific trip, click on the overview below.

Good rolling and see you at the bottom. 🙂

Overview of all trips

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Practical diving classes in the pool & sea

Stronger Iceland

Winter sports Ski and snowboard

Wakeboard and surf

California US High School

In Hong Kong

Dive and plunge


Unesco Greece


Asian Cooking




Model UN

We will hold a final photo, video and article competition sometime in May, based on the many stories, photos and videos that students have brought back from their many travels. We look forward to showing it to you.

Have a nice weekend and Easter