Profile trips, Outdoor Weekend and strong community

Dear reader,

One of the most important things to report from Ranum this week is that we have been away on profile trips. For will be the last times for most. That in itself may seem a bit sad, but on the other hand it is also a milestone in afterschool life. The students have become experienced travellers. The Ranum backpack is full of memories and experiences already, and now it's time to pack it for the last time.

Of course, we do a lot more than travel, and you can read about a selection of them here in the newsletter. There's a powerful message about a student, which has been shared 660 times at the time of writing. More on that later. You can also read about the Outdoor Weekend and an upcoming debate evening.

Happy reading!

Outdoor Weekend

Last weekend we had a visit from a group of students who are training to become nature guides. They organised the Outdoor Weekend, where our new wilderness baths were put into use. Spring weather, canoes, campfires, sleeping in shelters, a cold chill and then into the heat was the recipe for a fantastic after school weekend.


Off on profile trips

We have now reached a long-awaited travelling period. The last travels at Ranum. We are travelling to 17 different destinations to test the new skills we have been working on during the P3 period. It will be exciting to see what the students experience this time. And of course, you can follow along. As always, the easiest way to do this is at, where all posts from the various Facebook pages are collected. It gives a good overview and insight into the many trips. We hope you will follow along.

You can also go directly to one of the trips' Facebook pages below:

IG Exams

All IG students have been very focused this week. They have been working hard to complete their IGCSE oral exams. They are to be highly commended for the hard work they put in.

Debate evening on EU elections

Ranum Efterskole College invites to a lecture and debate evening in connection with the European Parliament elections.

Ranum Efterskole College is an ambassador school for the European Parliament and on 25 April we are organising a debate evening in cooperation with Efterskoleforeningen. There will be an opportunity to meet the candidates from 18.30 to 19.00, after which the debate will start in the banqueting hall.

Before the debate, at 4 pm, you can listen to an exciting presentation by Elena Askløf and Peter Laugesen from Elena and Peter have been travelling around Europe, especially Eastern Europe, talking to young people about their experience of being part of the EU. After the lecture, the school will host dinner from 17.40-18.20.

Registration should be made to

The debate will be held in the main hall of Ranum Efterskole College, Seminarievej 23, 9681 Ranum.

Greeting on the door of the headmaster

It has become a tradition that students can send a nativity letter to the headmaster. Those who do stick it on Olav's door, and if he doesn't guess who it's from, he of course gives an Easter egg. So get cutting.

When are you Danish enough?

We end the newsletter with another very important message. There has been a special focus on helping a student with a difficult situation.

It would not be the same to go to Ranum without Sofia. But maybe it will be soon. Her case for permanent residence is about to be decided, and if she is not deemed "Danish enough", she will have to go back to Brazil. With which she has no relationship whatsoever. She has lived in Denmark since she was seven, and her whole life is linked to it. Her Danish is fluent. She plays handball. Her culture is Danish. She is good at school and she is a great friend. What more does it take? How can it not be enough?

When are you Danish enough?

Either way, she has the whole of Ranum Efterskole College behind her. Help us keep Sofia by sharing the post on Facebook and following linked here ❤️

It's a huge boost to see our vast network helping to share Sofia's story - and to all of you who have shared: Thank you so much.

Visit from the Ministry of Education

This week we had thematic supervision from UVM. Everything seemed to go well. We are looking forward to the decision in 3-5 weeks.

Have a great weekend

Greetings all of us at
Ranum Efterskole College