It's the Christmas holidays

Dear reader,
Holiday cheer and Christmas cheer have both been high this week. The first few days were spent finishing up the final exams, while the rest of the week was spent enjoying the company of others. We have enjoyed each other's company while looking forward to a much-needed Christmas break to recharge our batteries for a new and exciting year.

Final exams
After four days, we were able to tick off this year's term tests. While some sat deep in concentration inside the test rooms, others read and wrote down final notes before it was their turn to take over the warm chair in the test rooms.

Christmas elves for morning exercise
It's no secret that morning exercise isn't most students' favourite pastime, but morning exercise is a must here at Ranum. That's why it was extra nice when the morning exercise included hot cocoa and chocolate biscuits, and that was exactly the case on Thursday, when the Ranumniss were on their toes and ready for the morning run.

Christmas cleaning
With hundreds of students and teachers in one place, it can get a little dusty around the corners. That's why we had our big Christmas clean-up and when the company is good and the music is loud, it's no problem to swing the duster and take a dance with the floor mop.

House CUP and chief's ball
With Ranumhus in the lead, the title of this year's House Cup was up for grabs. The students competed in disciplines such as Santa's Sleigh, cookie eating and Speedy Cups. A few threw themselves into a thieving start, but the tough panel of judges were quick to spot the culprits. The team spirit and winning mentality didn't stop at the House Cup, however. We continued with a bit of Christmas competition on Thursday, playing Christmas chief ball. The contact groups each got out their best costumes and took to the multi-purpose hall.

Christmas closing
No Christmas holiday without a Christmas party. Every year we have a tradition of going to church in Ranum Church and this year was no exception. On Thursday evening, Ranum Church was filled with afterschool students. On Friday, the Christmas spirit continued with a visit from Santa Claus, who brought 380 bags of sweets in his Christmas sack. In addition, the dear teachers had prepared a nativity play of a slightly more entertaining nature.

Finally, we would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The best Christmas greetings from all of us at
Ranum Efterskole College