Wedding weekend, maternity visit and exam week

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We start with a wedding flashback.

She said yes, and he said amen

And then the sun broke through. The whole school was invited to an after-school wedding (for fun but very realistically and well set up) and we had a fantastic day. The school ran like a well-oiled machine as the ceremony and dinner got underway. The students were in different workshops from the very morning, all working strongly together under the same common denominator: make the day memorable. Days like these strengthen the community and it is clear to see that the students have become closer to each other.

In addition to lots of pictures, we've also made a little film, which you can watch right here. Please sit back and enjoy the warmth and love that the film emits.

... And then we teased for some pictures. You'll find them below. Beautiful couple, lovely day and high spirits.

Wedding Weekend

Maternity visits

We'll stick with love for a while. Earlier this week, two new parents visited the school, bringing along their sweetheart. We wish you a warm welcome to the world and to life and also to Ranum.

"Exams are on",

say several teachers around the school at the moment, while students sit and wait "excitedly" to get started. Exam weeks are periods that some struggle with and others breeze through. And how a student handles exams is hugely individual. We shared a letter from a headteacher earlier this week that beautifully captures the school's message. It deserves to be shared again here.

The future of the EU in Ranum's hands

In the department of more serious topics, we embarked on an extensive and well-executed role-playing game on the future of the EU. For one day, we had the future of the EU in our hands, and that meant debates on challenges and issues of a very heavyweight nature. The role of the EU, the refugee crisis, the economic crisis. These are three contemporary topics that the 10th graders gained insight into, and in different roles debated and communicated, both as Member States, interest organisations and journalists.

How should refugees be distributed among Member States? Who really decides in the EU - and who will shape the future of cooperation? The students tried to come up with a solution.

We played beach football inside

And it was actually very authentic. The students had chosen the teams and team names themselves, and some creative ideas came out of it. Bare feet and ball games sent the thoughts back to (the former that of) childhood and put smiles on the lips. 

Beach football tournament in the Multihallen

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PVA competition

After each period of travelling around the world, we collect photos, videos and stories. We do this by holding a competition where students submit their best experiences in the form of photos, videos and articles. Here we have collected 72 amazing photos - check them out and help us find a winner by liking them ?
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Events next week

Next week is another exam week, so the whole school will be busy again. Good luck to everyone going up!

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