Duel certificates, snowmen and hip hop

Dear reader,

Snow, frost and cold mornings: king winter has come to Ranum once again. But that doesn't stop the weekend or the newsletter from reaching out. It brings stories of sailing students who have secured duel certificates, of snowy days and of dancers travelling to Randers to compete this weekend. In other words: We round off an eventful afterschool week and send weekend warmth your way.

First: Ranum's prettiest (and smallest) snowman. Enjoy!

How to make a snowman

We put on our hats and gloves, jumped into our boots and built the smallest, prettiest snowman of the year. See for yourself!

In snow and sleet, the morning exercisers must get out

It's no secret that getting out of bed in the morning can sometimes be difficult. Especially when it's minus 10 degrees outside (which feels like minus 30). But morning exercise is an important part of the day, and students need to get going every morning. Even when it's snowing. These two boys took the cold chill. Fresh, some might say. No way, others will say.

Live from the EU

We were live through to the EU Parliament. In the common room, there was a politician on the screen, to whom the students could ask direct questions. Next week, a team will travel to Strasbourg to see the European Parliament - and to discuss politics with other young people from around the world. This was a little preview.

Duelist: Check!

The students who had sailed earlier in the year have now taken a proficiency test, so they now have proof that they can plot a course, recognise markings and boats in the dark. Next term there will be another sailing session, with a trip to Greece. 

Well done to the students who have been to the tests!

Hip hop in the common room

This weekend the dance team goes to Randers for a competition. We got a preview of the community gathering today, and we just have to say: Come on, they have become so good!

Hip hop in the common room

Fair in Kiel

Last weekend we were in Germany at the A.P. Møller School in Schleswig to talk about Ranum. It was a great success and all the materials they brought were distributed. 

Pictures, videos, articles

We have now uploaded all photos, videos and articles to the facebook group. Of course, the warmest of recommendations is to drop by. There really are many great, authentic and honest experiences to explore. The students have produced some wildly good stories across the formats. Click on the image below to go straight to the photos, videos and articles.

Events next week

Tonight, students will have a party together and strengthen communities with each other. It's a student party, and the theme is Bond, Grease and Top Gun. Of course, we wish the students a wonderful evening - and a great party to the parents who will be attending and have organised the party. 

In addition, we will have a lovely week of afterschool with lots of socializing, fellowship and afterschool life.

We wish everyone a very good weekend

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College