The snow came, term tests started and a maritime deal was struck

Dear reader,

Then the first snow came to Ranum. This triggered the first snow fight of the year, as can be seen above.

All week we've been looking forward to today, Friday, when term exams start. It's an important period for the students, and perhaps a little nerve-wracking for some. The term exams are a chance to practise and prepare for the real exams. Of course, it is important to be well prepared, but face it and use it as a practice.

Of course, the week has also filled the after-school life with a lot of other exciting activities. You can follow them here.

Martec agreement: maritime polytechnic training centre

If the school ship Denmark is the first thing that pops up on your screen when you think of Martec, you're probably not alone. But Martec is much more than just that. The institution offers a range of courses of a quality rarely seen in this country. The courses are aimed at the international maritime and industrial sectors. 

Wednesday Ranum Efterskole College entered into a cooperation agreement with Martec in Frederikshavn. In the future, students will have access to internships in the Maritime, Navigation and Master Craftsman programmes. 

Profile subject choices and presentations

Third profile period selected here in December. Students and teachers have again proposed and shaped new subjects together, and students have been very active. One of the aims is to use the experience of the 1st and 2nd profile subjects to combine interests, activities and cultural encounters. The theme is education, and this is particularly the case when pupils meet other cultures on their own terms and use the freedom that the experience of the first profile subjects has given them. The 3rd period trip is typically in early April. Before confirmations and written exams.

Read about the different proposals and cast your vote before 9 December on the school map.

"Best community gathering of the year"

Last Thursday, something unique and very beautiful happened. A group of international (Thai) students had been rehearsing for months on some really great songs. They played them in front of a rousing hall, swaying partly with glowing iphones in outstretched hands, and partly also with the hanging young people who were just there, enjoying the experience. It was a great example of what we do and are good at here at the school: diversity and community. Several students have talked about it being the best community assembly of the year. After watching the video above, I think we have to agree with them.

Lucia procession

On Wednesday, brave boys and girls carried on a tradition that dates back hundreds of years. The tradition of the procession itself is relatively new, but the saint's day commemorating Lucia dates back to the 14th century.

As is tradition, there was a parade at the school, and while there might have been a little nervousness and flushed cheeks, the parade was great - we broadcast it live on Facebook.

Events next week

Term tests continue into next week, so the printers and keyboards will be busy. Once they're over, students can look forward to the Christmas holidays - that must be something of a carrot for going the extra mile. Some have to go home, others have to travel. The common denominator is hopefully a wonderful holiday.

So the next time we hear from you here in the newsletter it will be with a congratulations for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We wish everyone a very good weekend.

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College