OSO, Project and Christmas Start Week

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The start of this week was the start of OSO and Project Week for the students here at the school. Needless to say, there has been full pressure on the study kettles. Before the deadline was reached yesterday, most have experienced ups and downs, stress and rush, but also good learning and study experiences. The OSO and Project Week mark a study milestone in students' lives, and it takes place today, Friday, and on Tuesday, when students will present their papers.

The overview and the week in pictures you get here - Enjoy.

OSO and Project Week

The students have worked very hard this week. They have, of course, because they have written compulsory major assignments and project assignments. They had to write and produce a product, which finally had to be presented. That's over for some today, and others will have to wait (and perhaps prepare) until Tuesday. What is common to all, however, is that the assignments have been handed in, and that is certainly a great feeling to go into the weekend with. In the video below, some of the students tell us how it went and what it was like to have a slightly different week.

HF-Maritime lectures

Live from the aquarium

Coral restoration. Even though it can be difficult to pronounce as a Dane with a potato in his mouth, it is a really cool profile subject.

It's making things happen in the biology room these days. Small corals are growing vigorously in small incubator-like aquariums. First a snail and a hermit crab moved in with the corals, and now they have been joined by fish. It's all part of a carefully organised plan to restore, bleach, rehabilitate and nurture coral and study first-hand how it grows life. They are practising for the big journey they will soon embark on, replacing the small aquariums in the biology room with real coral.

On Facebook earlier this week, you could watch the fish move in. Watch or re-watch it here.

Winter Wonderland Hikes

On the Thursday subject with the slightly Christmassy name Winter Wonderland Hikes, students and teachers traverse the Danish landscape. Sometimes the hiking gets a little extreme, and that's exactly the point. It's the love of nature and the miles in their legs that bring the team together. It's a pleasant community of interest that is cultivated, yes, in the woods.

They have been to Fosdalen and .... Recently they were in Rebild Bakker, and it came out some really nice pictures.

Christmas fun last weekend

We've kicked off Christmas. Last weekend was filled with Christmas cheer, atmosphere and not least Christmas food.

Christmas weekend 2017

Appropos jul. We have a competition in December where students decorate their rooms for Christmas. Best looking room (prize to be announced later, of course) ?

Events next week

We have performance week all next week, so follow us on Facebook (did you remember to like our main page?). There will certainly be a lot of exciting, fun and adventurous features. It all culminates in a performance to look forward too.

In addition, we will be visited by Nikolaj Niebuhr on Wednesday next week. He will come and give a lecture, and it will be on Wednesday the 29th at 19.30. The lecture will be about climbing and expeditions at high altitudes. We look forward to welcoming him! In the meantime, you can see and read about Nikolaj Niebuhr and his story on his websiteon Facebook and on Youtube.

We wish everyone a very good weekend.

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College