Cultural encounters, good deeds and relaxed thursday

Dear reader,

Overall, it has been a quiet week at the school. Many students have been enjoying their rooms, and relaxation has generally been the order of the day. Not least yesterday, when we let our morning hair down and our make-up up, for chill-out Thursday.

And then winter slowly creeps up on us. The mornings have grown colder, the days shorter and the evenings darker. It's a real contrast to the mild autumn days we're saying goodbye to. It may seem a little sad, but it's not necessarily. As it gets colder, we huddle together like birds on telephone poles. The meaning of community becomes clearer and clearer as the weather gets darker and darker. 

We've been doing that this week. And there has also been room for a few events. You can hear about them here. Have fun!


Relaxed thursday

Thursday offered a relaxed atmosphere and appropriate attire. Chill Thursday, or come-as-you-are Thursday, was a fun initiative that let students and teachers at the school show up in whatever clothes they wanted. As long as it was nice and relaxing. "People just go and have a great time. It's great to wear whatever you want. My whole room agreed to drop the make-up and keep the nightwear on. It was nice to just come as you wanted and as you are," says Line from 10th plus. The day's relaxed theme and come-as-you-are mentality is there to push back a little on the idea that you always have to look nice and flawless. The morning hair and pyjamas can indeed be just as beautiful and right to wear.

Students meet the asylum centre

15 million...

... were collected nationwide on Sunday. Thousands of Danes took to the streets with a sledgehammer in hand to collect money for the Danish Refugee Council. Pupils from Ranum joined the team of good collectors, and they raised 3,001 kroner and (not insignificantly) fifty ears. That was the amount of cash collected. In addition, just over DKK 3,100 was collected in mobile payment donations in the Løgstør area, to which the after-school collectors also contributed. The Løgstør area raised a total of DKK 26,103. The Danish Refugee Council made a short film on the occasion about what the money is used for, which you can see below.

Handball tour

Big smiles and happy students on a trip to Aalborg - there was a handball match between Aalborg and Skanderborg. 

Siblings Weekend

Last weekend was the siblings weekend. The family was invited on a trip to an after-school school, and there was an opportunity to get an insight into what your sister or brother does here at Ranum. 

... Yes, and then there was a nice little look-a-like contest. I wonder if you can guess who won.

Suggestions for P3 courses

At Ranum Efterskole College, students and teachers work together to create and develop profile subjects. So right now is your chance to come up with great ideas and try them out. Who knows, maybe they will become reality? You can find out more about Profile subjects and the whole selection process by clicking on the picture below.

Before you go to the duck and the sauce

Most people know that it's Mortens Aften. It's all about duck and cosiness for most people, but it also means that Christmas is approaching. This Christmas, we have a decorating competition that students can start preparing for now. The best decorated room wins a nice prize. There are a few rules and they are as follows:

  • Only artificial Christmas trees (spruce falls so terribly)
  • Max 3 lights per decoration 
  • Preferably use artificial lights
  • And place them on a fireproof surface if they are alive

Events next week

This weekend is dance weekend, so there are a lot of dance-loving students staying at the school. The coming week also brings an event we have been looking forward to for a long time. We call it "Home With". The contact groups will get to visit their contact group teachers. We're sure it will be a great time. Something else that will be at least as nice is the Christmas weekend, which will be held on 18 and 19 November.

We wish everyone a very good weekend.

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College