Cultural studies, diploma and autumn holidays

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We have reached another milestone week in the afterschool life at REC. That means the start of cultural classes, autumn holidays and sports day. It also means the end of a week where students and teachers have landed after an excellent week of travel. Academic and social experiences, new friendships, community. All of this has been reproduced and processed in the week that is now coming to an end. The week has also offered a few significant events and activities. On Monday, the wind blew freshly over the sailing team, which landed duelist certificates. We also had a visit from Oure Efterskole, who came to Ranum to talk about their boarding school. 

Exercise day

Before students can go on their autumn holidays today, they need to lace up their running shoes. Today is School Exercise Day and of course we celebrate it here in Ranum. So the day is spent running and competing, all in the name of sport and exercise. See the happy pictures from just before the students were released on the 8 km route. 

Exercise day 13/10-17

First Photo, Video & Article competition of the year

After the year's travels, there is a competition where students and teachers submit their best photos, videos and articles. Here are some of the photos from each trip's Facebook page - maybe you know one of the people in the photo?

See and hear the happy students tell about their first journey

Cheerleading, Fit for Fight, Dance & Media

Julie, Emmeli, Mia, Inas and Madicken talk about their first profile trip, which they have just returned from.

Water Performance & Diving

Thomas, Krestine and Thor talk about their trips to Portugal and Egypt!

UN for young people

TuesdayThursday 7 of our students participated in MUN at Struer Statsgymnasium. MUN stands for Model UN and is a conference organised by young people for young people. The conferences are held all over the world and are designed to give young people an insight into the structure and workings of the United Nations. Our students represented different countries and participated in committees that drafted and amended resolutions.

Everything is a replica of the UN way of doing things, so students were officially dressed and learned formal forms of address and procedures. Not least, they had to overcome themselves and make a speech, which they did very well. Struer Statsgymmnasium offers the IB, which makes it attractive for the students to organise the conference. One of the organisers was our former student, Anna Gundtoft.

UN for young people

Invitation to the Reunion Day on 28.10 at 12-17

reunion day ranum

We'll reminisce about afterschool, sing, and get together within our grade and across grades.

It is up to your own year group to organise a Reunion Party in the evening if you wish. 

Events next week

Next week is the autumn break, when students can come home, relax, unpack, do laundry, see friends and family and get ready for another round of after-school life. The week after there will be a lecture by Niels Roos - also known as Niarn. We will also be visited by two researchers from AAU, who have been working with the afterschool association on a research project on interculture. They will follow our teaching in Cultural Studies for 2 days in week 43. This week we also have guests from Nepal, where two English teachers from our friendship school will visit.

We wish everyone a very good weekend.

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College