Auf wiedersehen - 18 different journeys around the world

Dear reader,

Many thanks to the 2000 guests who came to Ranum for the Afterschool Day last Sunday. It was a great day even if the sun didn't shine all the time. There was lots of activity and praise for our students and the kitchen and gastronomy team shone. The first teams have also left on their profile subject trips. Below you can see which profile subjects are going and where they are going. If you click on the picture, you will be taken to their Facebook page where you can follow them on their journey. There will of course also be updates on our facebook page with news from the trips over the coming week. It's been a great afterschool week, with butterflies flying freely in the stomachs of our students, who are excited about their first trip with the afterschool.

We're really looking forward to sharing all the travel stories and seeing the students again in a week.

18 exciting profile trips

Here is an overview of the 18 exciting profile subjects - Don't forget to follow our travels and daily life on Facebook.

Successful Afterschools Day last Sunday

On Sunday, more than 2000 people came to Ranum for the Day of the After-Schools. It was a great day, although the sun was not out all the time. At the school it was possible to get a tour from a current student, the Gastronomy team was ready with food and the kitchen had also done its part. There was an international brunch at 10am and for lunch there were sliders, pumpkin soup, fresh fish from KYST, minitacos and a delicious tapas board. If you were unable to make it and would like a tour, you can book one right here!

Visit from Struer State High School

On Tuesday we had a visit from Struer Statsgymnasium, who gave an inspiring presentation about knowledge and how we have access to it.

Leveled teaching is a success

A big thing at the afterschool is leveled teaching. Here, students are matched according to level, skills and ambition, so they can receive the help and challenge they need. In English, one of the teams was in gastronomy. Here the baking and all interaction had to be in English, in all aspects of the lesson. It was a challenge that the students really embraced - and the outcome was a whole lesson entirely in English and delicious cake!

IGCSE Biology in the wild

Once again, the biology class has been out in nature, exploring everything they learn from books. The lesson focused on the root structures of plants and seed dispersal. Students also dug up plants that are now in the lab ready for study when they return home after their travels.

Invitation to the Reunion Day on 28.10 at 12-17

We'll reminisce about afterschool, sing, and get together within our grade and across grades.

It is up to your own year group to organise a Reunion Party in the evening if you wish.

We wish everyone a very good weekend.

Greetings all of us at

Ranum Efterskole College