Visit from South Korea, Sunshine and Water Sports Weekend in Sight

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The students managed the return journey home with the Ranum buses for the first long weekend fantastically well. It is a major logistical puzzle to send the students out to all parts of the country, and fortunately it also went smoothly when they had to return on Sunday evening. On Sunday, the students brought several moving loads with cosy things and posters etc. to their apartments and rooms. The students are really taking over the school and creating a common home for this 1TP5Year.

The week has been the first regular after-school week with the full fixed academic timetable for the whole year, and the students are settling into the teams.

During the profile time there has been a lot of activity, for example the divers have been to the pool test and the sailors have finally had some wind to set sail.

Profile courses in good weather

Visit from South Korea

The founder of the first after-school school outside Denmark, Mr. Oh Yeon-Ho, visited Wednesday Ranum, and gathered inspiration for the development of the South Korean afterschool. Mr. Oh is a journalist and has written a best-seller about Denmark, as well as given over 700 lectures to 80,000 parents and young people, including on the Danish preschool tradition.

Many parents in South Korea are concerned that their children "survive" an extremely competitive school programme, therefore there is great interest in learning about the free school, and Mr Oh has called his school the School of Life. Ranum has initiated a cooperation with the South Korean efterskole and Mr Oh on a cultural trip and exchange, as well as a summer school in Ranum for South Korean youth.

Marine Science should not only be learned from books

Outdoor education

Water Sports Weekend

This weekend there is a Water Sports theme with sailing, SUP, Wakeboard, and surf. In the evening there is a mini lecture "from afterschool student to boat owner" by two former students who today are instructors at the school. Fingers crossed that the weather is with us! 

Presentation of cultural workshop

Monday presents the many suggestions that students and teachers have come up with. They are presented to the common assembly and there are again many exciting and new proposals for cultural profile subjects to South Korea, India and the Seychelles, among others.

Friends Weekend - Bring a friend to afterschool!

Vilsted Lake Run 2017

Come out for a great community experience and get a fitness check at the same time. There are routes for all motivations and a community warm-up. It's going to be great!

For all students/parents there is a special discount available on our intranet. But for everyone else you can register your family on:

We wish everyone a very good weekend

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