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For example, one of the many volunteer activities between rehearsals could be washing the favourite teachers' cars.

Headmaster news

The oral exams are in full swing and it goes, in North Jutlandic, not so bad. The teaching has been leveled in all subjects and classes, which means that some classes have an average of 10-12 and other classes are around average. But no team is significantly below average and that pleases us very much.

Socially, it's clear that students and staff are focused on making the most of the final weeks. The wind, rain and thunder have also given many pupils the opportunity to enjoy themselves together in the common areas and in their rooms, and the writing of their memoirs is in full swing.

For some students, the last time is the hardest, especially if you've been challenged before school and maybe had a hard time being away from home, and then you've gotten back on your feet and are experiencing success. Then there are a lot of thoughts about finishing the afterschool year and the time after.
Buddy of the year

In cooperation with Rotary Løgstør, this year's companionship award will be presented at the graduation ceremony on 24 June. The students themselves nominate and choose the peer who they think has meant the most to the community during the year. There are already many nominations, which shows that a lot of people have meant a lot to their friends during the year.

This weekend there will be skydiving, water sports activities and at Rønbjerg harbour there will be Harbour Day with lots of activities for everyone.

IGCSE and AS/A level exams completed

Wednesday saw the completion of the final IGCSE and AS/A level exams. So after 8 weeks of 785 individual written exams and 243 oral exams across 25 different IGCSE and AS/A level subjects, students have spent around 172 hours and 15 minutes testing their knowledge and skills.

In addition, they have sat through several hours of Full Centre Supervision and learned that bringing snacks and sweets to an exam is a luxury only enjoyed at the Danish exams.

In addition to the international tests, many of the students will also sit the 9th or 10th grade school leaving exams and there is no doubt that it has been a busy period. Some students managed to take 3-4 exams in one day!

The results of the CIE exams will only be available on 10 August, but we would like to congratulate all our IGCSE and AS/A level students for completing the international programme and wish them a great summer.


In the coming week, students will start learning how to dance the Lances with their Gala partners. And on Sunday 18 June, parents and siblings will have the opportunity to join in the "pick-up and enjoy dinner", as well as watch the students rehearse the Lances together for the 3rd time.

The Outrougen programme focuses on community and togetherness, as well as marking a fantastic afterschool year. On Mondays we have a giant activity day with Denmark's largest bouncy cushion, bumber balls and a soap slide, as well as many profile subjects including sailing, adventure and water performance.

The football match of the year 3 years ago can be seen below. We look forward to Tuesday when this year's match between students vs teachers kicks off. In full costume. This is where both sides really get to show off.

Wednesday is the "home" visit by the contact teachers, and in the evening it's the "last night" in the room before the big clean-up on Thursday.

On Thursday we have chosen to organise the Gala Party and Award Show instead of Friday, as Friday is St. John's Eve. This is quite unusual, but it also gives the students the opportunity to clean the rooms and exchange keys with the Blue Book. On Friday, we will have a huge bonfire with speeches and witches, as well as music, and the rest of the evening will be a teacher's revue, fun in the REC Lounge, and a community sleepover in the Multicultural House.

Saturday ends the school year with Graduation at 11 am on the lawn in front of the main building.

We look forward to the last time with the students and hope that everyone has a great end to the school year.

NOTE - We are collecting yarn for the knitting ladies in Løgstør!

The knitting ladies in Løgstør need yarn or scraps to knit baby and children's hats for the children in Nepal.
All kinds of yarn are gratefully accepted and can be dropped off at one of the school's cloakrooms or at the headmaster's office.

Friday Motivation - Togetherness. Watch the clip!

We wish you a great weekend!

Ranum Efterskole College