Wedding at the weekend and otherwise a normal week

Dear reader,

The week offered what many students would say was an ordinary week, ordinary for us but probably bacon-filled for others. Many of the students are getting ready for both oral and written exams, which are lurking just around the corner. The big thing of the week must also be a recurring event, the student wedding. An event where we celebrate tradition and where we go all in with everything even if it's just a game. On Monday there is an exciting talk by Thomas Slosarich, who will talk about how to make a good first impression, among other things.

No, Rakel and Matt are not getting married. But Rakel and Philippe are, at a serious play wedding).

The lecture "Make yourself go' - the cool way" on Monday at 14.30

(speak to the world - and be heard)

On Monday we have booked Thomas Slosarich to talk about making a good first impression. Whether it's for the job interview, future boyfriend or exam

"You only get one chance to make a good first impression, so you need to be able to sell yourself and your key messages in less than 30 seconds!"

Throughout life, we meet lots of new people for the first time. So whether it's a presentation to a new class, an important exam, a first date with your heart's chosen one or a job interview, it's important to be able to deliver your message in a confident, inspiring and clear way.

With a life in performance sports as a professional football player and coach, and with extensive experience from studying communication in the US, I will try to pass on techniques, methods and tips for optimised communication and good delivery, using humour, video clips and a great deal of enthusiasm.

As a coach for the national U-teams in DBU, a communication expert and a radio host, I give my opinion on how to get the right message out in the best way, so that good knowledge is not lost in bad communication.!/foredragsholdere/thomas-slosarich/

Wedding Weekend

This weekend, students Rakel and Philippe were married by the book. Few people can boast 300 guests, a banquet hall, workshops and a sumptuous banquet. But it can stand as an inspiration to future love couples, perhaps on a slightly smaller scale. The evening featured beautiful musical numbers from Tina op Maya, great speeches from the bride (fictional father, Matt) in particular, and a really great job by all the students and staff.

Lots of pictures will be posted during Monday. But here is a small sample.

Below are photos from the preparations.

Parents and siblings day on 28-29 April.

At the end of April we hold a Parents and Siblings Weekend where the theme of the Parents and Siblings Day is Community, Profiles and Afterschool Fun.

Note! The programme is for current students and their parents and siblings.

Friday (you can also come on Saturday)
18.00 Dinner / socialising with students. - "Check in"
19.00 Parents and students: Roundball, Music, Creative workshop.
21.00 Cosy up in the canteen with light refreshments and cinema event for students and siblings
22.00 Parental cosiness and chat in the canteen, and some "night food" for adults

07.30 Morning exercise for everyone - we meet at the Tree of Life in the schoolyard.
8.-9 Breakfast in the canteen.
9.10 a.m. Morning assembly in the banquet hall.
9.30 - 10.30 Evaluation workshop with headmaster / students - input for the future.
10.00 Videos and pictures from Profilfags trips / Activities.
10.30 Selected video and photos, and stories from spring travels .
11.30-12.30 Running lunch.
12.30 Profile lesson / activity with students, weather permitting.
15.30 Coffee and closing.
16.00 End

Best regards and have a nice weekend.

Olav Storm Johannsen