Casino weekend, oral exams and new friendship schools

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This week the oral exams for the international students started. It's a busy time, but there have also been opportunities to relax with fun evening activities, including lectures, study trips, cinema trips and bonfires. As is tradition, we had a spring barbecue and luckily the weather was kind to us.  

Casino weekend
All last weekend school was on the other end and there was gambling, rain and maybe a little bit of trickery at the card games and casino tables in Sus´Palace. The atmosphere was great and the winners were found very late at night.

Steen Moldrup Thomsen's picture.  Steen Moldrup Thomsen's picture.

Fieldtrip to Aqua

Marine science was during the week on a trip to the aquarium and zoo, Aqua. 

"AQUA Aquarium & Animal Park provides knowledge and experiences about nature, environment and culture in the fresh waters of Denmark. AQUA Akvarium & Dyrepark works to protect and promote the animal and plant life of Danish lakes and rivers." Aqua

marinesci ranumefterskole  marinesci ranumefterskole1

Cosiness around the campfire.

Even if the spring temperatures are a bit higher, you don't have to sit inside in the evening. In the garden of the kærhus there is a nice fireplace, and a good opportunity to make a cozy fire.

Nanna Sørensen's picture.

REdesign of new gl. student chair

Something old was given new life and expression by some fresh students when they redesigned an old student chair. It's projects like this that abound down in the school basement, but don't always surface. For some, just the process is enough, others want to show off their work too.

redesign of gl. student chairs

Friendship and enlightenment trip in Asia
In the past week, I have travelled in China with Ning Xu and in Seoul and Hong Kong with Matthew Danaher to present our school to interested partners. We have made several new friendship school agreements and our summer school programme in particular is of interest to both families and young people as it is something completely different to what they have seen or heard of before. Registration is also open for the Summer School for Danish young people aged 14-18, and you can choose between a 2-week or a 4-week programme. Read more about summer school.

New Chinese Friendship School in Shanghai  New friendship school in South Korea Taejon

WISS cooperation in Shanghai

Presentation tour in the Baltic countries.

This weekend Birthe and Joakim are off to the Baltic countries to present our International programmes.

"Grab the opportunity to study IGCSE, AS and A level in Denmark or join us for our Summer School programme. We are ready to welcome you here at Days of International Education in Vilnius at SAS Radisson Blu Hotel Lietuva today." 
baltic countries ranumefterskole  baltic countries ranumefterskole31

baltic countries ranumefterskole2

Events next week

Next week we will be visited by our friendship school upstate New York, which we visited in January. The Harvey School is a fantastic school that also travels a lot and has the world on its curriculum. The visitors will also be visiting the homes of REC students and then the host families will meet for a closing dinner on Sunday, March 26. This weekend there will be over 150 students at the school and it's all about fun and relaxation. The following weekend is an extended weekend and therefore Monday 27 March is free.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm Johannsen

Olav Storm Johannsen