Newsletter week 11

Dear reader,

March and spring! and Waterperformance is back on the water again after a long winter yuhuu. Many profile subjects have had outdoor activities this past week and you can read about some of them in this newsletter.


Waterperformance back in Klitmøller

We have taken swimming tests, practiced rescuing each other on land, at the lake in Rønbjerg, and the first students have been on the icy water. Luckily, our brand new equipment is so super warm that the students have come out of the water smiling and already looking forward to going out again.
On Wednesday it snowed, but we braved the weather and went wakeboarding, unfortunately the temperature was so low that during the night a thick layer of ice had formed on the edge of the lake, watch the video ☺

Don Juan

The second performance, Don Juan, took place in Aalborg theatre. It was a professional play, with full time actors and well-planned lighting and scenery. It became really interesting to watch two very different plays, both in matter of genre and actors. The audience got the chance to interact with the actors several times throughout the play. Egg shakers were handed out and the audience was asked to play along - two students, Ophelia and Amalie, danced with and were swung around by Don Juan himself on stage. From Sarah El-Jamal

donjuan ranumefterskole

Fit for Life-stronger trained with Denmark's strongest woman

On Thursday afternoon, students from the Fit for life-Stronger team visited Myheart Aars to train with Trine Bagger. Trine Bagger is Danish champion in powerlifting, and is one of the strongest women in Denmark in her weight class. The students were given thorough instruction in the 3 competitive lifts bench press, squat and deadlift, and there was also talk about the diet, training and lifestyle needed to become an elite athlete at international level.
All students had their lifting style analysed and were given tips on how best to train hard without getting injured. The students also tested themselves with plenty of challenges, and left with sore muscles and big smiles.
We ended the day with a big "Eat what you can buffet" and our heads full of new impressions.
Video can be found here: https://youtu.be/onocqg51RpA

Cabaret Alfa

A group of drama students were heading towards Aars last Wednesday evening. They were about to watch the first performance of the week, a revue called Cabaret Alfa. The performance contained many different scenarios with a few amateur actors. It was very exciting and educating to watch actors put on different characters and present them to the audience. The students left the hall with lots of inspiration and energy.

carbaret alpha ranumefterskole2

carbaret alpha ranumefterskole

IGCSE Oral Exams and Coursework

We are approaching exam time for international students. Next week we will have exams in German, French, Mandarin, Spanish and in week 12 we will have oral exams in English 2nd, oral exams are not part of the overall exam for students who have English as their first language - English 1st. For many students, this week has therefore been about making final preparations for the oral exams in the language subjects. Alongside the oral exams, students are completing their coursework in Global Perspectives, Enterprise, ICT and Drama.

Information and welcome letter for future students

On Friday last week, we sent out the welcome letter and access codes for the School Plan to future pupils and parents for the 2017-18 school year. Many of you have already responded to the questionnaires and we look forward to seeing you all at Ranum Efterskole College for New Students' Day on 21/5 at 10am.
Welcome letter, information on courses, profile courses, travel, payment etc. www.ranumefterskole.dk/ny-elev/info-for-nye-elever

info new students ranumefterskole

Visit to South Korea

Olav Storm Johannsen and Matthew Danaher are in South Korea to meet with one of our friendship schools and discuss our future cooperation. Mrs. Oh Kate, admission director invited Ranum to visit South Korea's leading international boarding school. Taejon Christian International School. It was a great experience of a fantastic school that has a special focus on personal formation in a committed community and outlook to the world, just like Ranum. We will be collaborating with TCIS on summer school and our annual program.

south korea visited ranumefterskole2

south korea visited ranumefterskole

Casino weekend

This coming weekend we are holding this annual Casino Weekend. More than 200 students will participate in the weekend and many exciting games and challenges are planned... Who will clear the table this year?


Yours sincerely

Joakim Philipsen
Joakim Philipsen
Vice Principal