E-Sport & E-Music start-up, Valentines day & motivational talks

Dear reader,

The turnout for the Cultural Studies presentations on Sunday afternoon was overwhelming and we estimate that over 1000 family members attended the presentations of the 21 different cultural studies. The presentations were approached in a variety of ways.

Some had made videos, powerpoint presentations supplemented by travel stories, others visited an Oman market in Kærhuset and the Nepal teams served Dahl bat and milk tea for the presentations.

Throughout the school, the senses were challenged with smells and sounds, as well as tastes of different cultures and the many travel experiences of the students. The week included lots of romance, lectures and we had a visit from over 100 of the pupils' friends who are on their winter holidays.

See photos from the day below.

Valentine's student event

Valentine's Day was a wonderfully romantic and beautiful experience for both students and staff. A group of students had decorated the dining hall, and organized Valentine's card writing, as well as bought red roses for everyone. In the middle of the afternoon staff meeting, the student committee came in with roses and bouquets for all the staff, much to their delight.

Sushi for Valentine's evening

It has only happened a few times in the school's history that we can serve sushi for the main course, but on Valentine's Day the kitchen provided a sumptuous sushi table and there was plenty for everyone. It was a great evening with romantic films in several cinemas and fun throughout the school.

Start of new profile subjects

Monday saw the start of last term's profile subjects, with 2 new subjects in particular attracting a lot of attention. The e-sports room is ready for inauguration and students started unpacking 18 new gaming machines and gear. In E-music, the team also started to occupy the room, which has been equipped with new office chairs, among other things, so that concentration can be maintained when composing E-music for many hours.

Exciting lecture with Hardeep Dhanjal

We should have had a visit from Sanne Søndergaard, but she was unable to attend, so instead we organised an exciting lecture with Hardeep Dhanjal. He proved that he is one of the most talented and inspiring speakers and gave the students a captivating pep talk about motivation and personal responsibility for life and one's own development through a community with others. See more at http://www.athenas.dk/hardeep-dhanjal-foredrag-motivation-humor-peptalk.htm

Bob Dylan concert-lecture

On Valentine's Day, the musically interested students could experience an exciting and musical concert lecture by Thomas Ulrik Larsen. He gave a lively talk about Bob Dylan and his musical development over a long life. The lecture was organised in cooperation with the Folkeuniversitetet in Vesthimmerland.


It's winter holidays in some parts of Denmark this week and many of the students' friends are off, so we have organised friend days Wednesday to Thursday. The friends are part of a regular efterskole programme with classes, activities, cleaning and socialising. Especially the karaoke evening in the banqueting hall attracted many and the atmosphere was great. We will repeat the success next week from Thursday to Friday.

Home weekend

This weekend, students go home for a well-deserved extended weekend. Many have not been home yet from their travels and as we also had a programme on Sunday, there is a great need for a break. Last weekend we had a pedagogically unfortunate incident where some students chose to buy alcohol, which is not compatible with school rules. The students involved have been expelled and we are asking all parents and students to have a conversation about this as well as school rules.

Next week the students will come back on Sunday after 6pm and besides the academic lessons and profile subjects, the week will also include a big carnival party on Wednesday evening.
On Thursday, the second Friends Day starts and the following weekend there is both Gamers weekend and Dance Workshop with visits from several dance schools, and it is open for participation by former REC dance students.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm Johannsen