Strong end of the cultural journey, see the best pictures

Dear reader!

It has been a powerful experience for all travellers. Those travelling to the USA experienced, among other things, a USA before, during and after a transfer of power, which in a peaceful way is something we should not take for granted. Namibia saw stark contrasts to our own culture and standard of living. Students who went to China and Japan experienced the amazing flavourful food, realised what unbridled pollution does to the air quality and the heavy smog it creates, and saw the very different discipline and work ethic of the people.

The Nepal teams experienced a unique society and unique nature that most people don't get to see. And those who went to Cuba saw the effects of isolation with colourful cars, an intense culture with minimal impact on others and amazing openness.

From Hawaii to Hungary. From Peru to New Zealand - All around the world, we've had travellers embrace new cultures, languages, food, values and ways of life. Some have moved for life, others have had powerful experiences and several have just had a tremendous time. But the one thing we all have in common, wherever we have been in the world, is that we have become wiser about life, the world and, above all, ourselves.

Animal Welfare in Namibia

Ranum Efterskole in Australia

Ranum Efterskole in Cuba

Ranum Efterskole on a European trip

Ranum in Hawaii

Ranum Efterskole in Jamaica

Ranum Efterskole in Japan

Ranum Efterskole in China

Ranum Efterskole in Malaysia

Ranum & Nepal Himalaya trekking

Ranum Efterskole & Nepal Friendship School

Ranum Efterskole in New Zealand

Ranum Efterskole in Oman

Ranum Afterschool in Peru

Ranum Efterskole in South Africa - Cape Town

Ranum Efterskole & US California Santa Cruz

Ranum Efterskole & US Roadtrip High School

Ranum Afterschool on the US Virgin Island

Ranum Efterskole & Winter Sports

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Olav Storm Johannsen