Great start for the first half of the cultural journey

Dear reader!

It's been a great start to this year's cultural journey. All travel teams are bringing home great stories, major accidents have been avoided and students are making memories for life.

Below are the best posts/stories from the first week.

Ranum Efterskole in Australia

Ranum Efterskole in Cuba

Ranum Efterskole on a European trip

Ranum in Hawaii

Ranum Efterskole in Jamaica

Ranum Efterskole in Japan

Ranum Efterskole in China

Ranum Efterskole in Malaysia

Ranum & Nepal Himalaya trekking

Ranum Efterskole & Nepal Friendship School

Ranum Efterskole in New Zealand

Ranum Efterskole in Oman

Ranum Afterschool in Peru

Ranum Efterskole & US California Santa Cruz

Ranum Efterskole & US Roadtrip High School

Ranum Afterschool on the US Virgin Island

Ranum Efterskole & Winter sports without avalanche accidents

BUT, we're not done travelling! Follow us here on the last part.

Several of the travel teams still have a few weeks left, so keep an eye on the many pages or just our main page on FB where the best stories are shared.

Official facebook page that will be the center of all good stories and pictures.

Official Culture pages on facebook

From previous trips to Peru, in the sand dunes.

Click directly to the different journeys. Here, the different leaders and co-travellers will update with news, pictures and video during the next 2 weeks.

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-> Ranum in Hawaii
-> Ranum in Jamaica
-> Ranum in Japan
-> Ranum in China
-> Ranum in Malaysia
-> Friendship school in Nepal with Ranum
-> Ranum in the Himalayas, Nepal
-> Ranum in New Zealand
-> Ranum in Oman
-> Ranum in Peru
-> Ranum in South Africa, Cape Town
-> Ranum in Santa Cruz, California
-> Ranum on Roadtrip in USA
-> Ranum on the Virgin Island
-> Ranum on skis, Winter sports

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Olav Storm Johannsen