Final exams and performance week

Dear reader,

The Christmas spirit has moved into every corner of Ranum. The lights are on in the Christmas trees, most of the rooms are decorated and on the first of December the start was given to the Christmas calendar fun in front of the TV and computers in the small living rooms and rooms. Not even a week of term exams could seriously threaten the Christmas spirit. Tomorrow, Saturday, is the Christmas market and performance show and we look forward to sharing great Christmas and cultural experiences with everyone.

Term test for 420 students at once

During the week, all students have been together for term tests in the morning. In the medium and small hall, more than 250 pupils have been working on the main subjects of Danish, Mathematics and English. There have been only small challenges around the timetable and these have been addressed for the real tests in May. The students have worked hard and many have used their time to the full, only a few were late and a few had problems with their computers.

Performance Week

On Monday, students arrived for the evening, and every afternoon and spare moment has been spent putting on a big performance show "Global Factor", a Christmas market and a lot of other activities. The students have chosen small thematic groups, which have worked on the theatre project, gastronomy, pastry, design, wood workshop, media and PR, make-up tasks, costumes, stage, sound and light, Christmas gifts, etc. This year we have also had a larger team of pranksters who have created lots of fun little events around the school.

See films and photos from the week.

A group of girls have made a 20-second video about what a year at ranum can be like (everyday life).

One of our drama teachers (right) has put on some clothes that he doesn't wear every day. And it fits great!

Diversity is flourishing at Ranum and so is this video made by the school's boys. Watch it!

Another group of girls got more serious with this video about Global Factor preparations.

And as the last video this time. A few fresh girls were around and find the good mood during the performance week. And it didn't take them long to find it.

Culture and performance day

On Saturday 3 December - tomorrow, we will be visited by 750 parents and 190 siblings for the performance "Global factor", Christmas market and presentation of the upcoming Culture trips in January. There will also be the opportunity to be informed about the choice for the 3rd term Profile subjects. Parents and siblings come in 3 teams and rotate between the different activities. 

Ranum Efterskole Christmas Calendar on FB

Follow our online Christmas calendar and invite your friends to join in.There are lots of great prizes to be won every day. Read more and sign up at

Events next week

The coming week will see a return to the normal timetable, and we will get the threads together in the Cultural Subjects, so that we are ready for the big trips in January. Monday will see the final of the first Photo Award Show of the year, where we will be awarding the best video, photos and articles from the first profile trip in October. In the other sessions, we will focus on presenting the many proposals for the 3rd period profile subjects. See the options in the new P3 magazine.

Carols and Christmas cheer

And here at the end we can finish with a song. On 1 December Christmas carols were sung at Ranumhus. Many sang along, most found the beat but all found the Christmas cheer. And suddenly it wasn't long until Christmas Eve.

Have a great weekend

Olav Storm Johannsen