Bridging, Home Theatre and Improvisational Theatre

Dear reader!

Bridge Building, Home Theatre and Improvisational Theatre, as well as OSO writing have made their mark on this November week. The clear frosty mornings of last week were replaced by rainy wet days and the students have mostly been enjoying themselves inside.

New intercultural art

The AFS October Thailand team concluded their stay by creating an art project, which is now hung in the main building to commemorate their visit and impressions of Denmark and Ranum. The pictures are very creative and diverse in their expression and testify to the fact that they had art on the school curriculum in their home country.

Bridging and OSO preparations

Students in Year 10 are working hard to prepare for the big Compulsory Independent Assignment (OSO), which they have to present in 2 weeks. A number of students have also been in Bridge Building and out of school from early to late. The Bridge Building continues into next week and then it is finished for everyone.

Home at

On Wednesday afternoon and evening, all students were with their contact group and many visited their contact teacher at home. This is a super nice and cosy tradition where the group cooks together, plays games and has fun. We will repeat the home visit this summer.

New proposals for profile subjects 3rd period

In these weeks we are collecting proposals for the upcoming election for the 3rd period profile subjects. There are both classics like Sailing, Music, Dance and Water Performance, and then there are a number of new and so far untested proposals, such as Winter Wildlife, Fitness Dance, E-sport, E-music, Sustainability and Survival etc. The deadline for new proposals is 25.11. And the proposals will be put to a test vote before being presented to parents on 3 December at Family Day.

Improvisational theatre

On Thursday evening, drama students and interested students drove to Aalborg Theatre to take part in a super creative improvisational theatre. The students and actors were drawn into a shared universe based on the profile subject trips and after-school life at Ranum. The students became both observers and participants, and were wildly positive about the survival, even though they only landed in Ranum again around midnight.

Erasmus visit

On Thursday, we were visited by a group of teachers and leaders from 7 European countries, they are part of an Erasmus project that GUG school in Aalborg is part of. The visitors had the opportunity to experience an afterschool, hear about our values and follow the teaching in the international department. At the community gathering, they showed films that the students at their home schools had made about their school and country.

International presentations REC film

This weekend we are represented at the Danish Embassy in Beijing by one of our local contacts, who will tell about 50 Chinese families about a efterskoleår in Ranum. Unfortunately, we cannot be present ourselves and therefore we have made a short film about Ranum. The Chinese students have the opportunity to get credit for their schooling in Ranum because we run a full Cambridge 10th grade programme, and many of the students will continue afterwards at foreign schools, as unfortunately you cannot get a residence permit for more than 1 year in Denmark.

Coming week

This coming week (47), bridge building continues and then there are term exams for a lot of students, as well as OSO writing. We also have several cultural meetings in the evening and on Thursday there is a rehearsal for the team that will participate in the DM in Street dance in the spring. The week ends with an extended homecoming weekend, so there are no classes on Monday, when students must report back after 6pm. Please remember to book the REC bus service.

The following week

In the following week (48) there are both term tests in the mornings and performance projects in the afternoons. It all culminates on Saturday 3 December with Culture & Performance Day for all families and students. The many cultural subjects are divided into the areas USA+Caribbean, Asia + Middle East, Africa, Australia, Europe and South Africa. All students will be involved in the week's creative program. The programme for the day has been posted on the School Curriculum and the deadline for registration is 25 November.

Have a great weekend

Olav Storm Johannsen