Winter cold, election shock and lots of fun

Dear reader,

Winter cold and a beautiful blanket of frost enveloped Ranum Efterskole College this week. The students moved closer together in the cold and on the big USA Election Night more than 350 young people gathered in the ballroom. The week has offered many activities in the cultural subjects and in the clubs. The weekend was spent with sibling visits and a fantastic Halloween night.

On Sunday, a group of students collected 6320 DKK for the Danish Refugee Council in the local area.

Sibling weekend with look-a-like competition

During the sibling weekend we had a Look-a-like competition, which had lots of fun entries. But nobody could beat the winners, Anders and his little sister.
The weekend was full of fun and games. 


Animal Welfare visits Aalborg Zoo

In the context of one of the 22 upcoming cultural trips, Animal Welfare had to prepare for the many exotic animals they might come into contact with in January. And where is the easiest place to see and feed elephants? The zoo! So they visited Aalborg Zoo to get a thorough introduction to the different animals.

Vietnamese dinner

Last Thursday, the gastronomy kitchen was busy. Here they made real Vietnamese spring rolls, spring rolls, together with our Vietnamese guest visitor Jennie, seen in the centre.
Jennie has gone back to Vietnam this week, but has been a really lovely and unifying person at school. 

Valgaven w. Pizza, Burger & Donuts

Int. department head Matt Danaher, in collaboration with great colleagues, created a fantastic election-evening on Tuesday evening and night. There was, of course, an American menu, flags, large banners of the candidates and a lesson in American TV election drama. The students pretty much all stayed up all night, but then they were also so exhausted from the long "teaching night" that they got to sleep in the last 2 afternoon hours the next day.

Election Night - a horror and a shock.

The mood dropped below freezing overnight and by morning many of the students, especially those from Mexico, were in shock that Donald could become the most powerful man in the world with fewer votes than Hillary.
It is sometimes difficult to explain the democratic processes, and this has of course been a major issue in the community gatherings this week. Many former students have also commented on the elections and sent greetings to their friends in the US and Mexico.

Morten's evening

On Thursday evening, the kitchen produced the most marvellous Thanksgiving menu with lovely crispy duck breast, plain and browned potatoes and then there was brown sauce. Unfortunately, the photographers did not manage to capture the buffet, so you have to use your imagination. It tasted super nice. 

Christmas decorations in Spanish

Pupils in Visual Design have created an exhibition from The NATIVITY SCENE, a Spanish Christmas tradition also called Belén. So far they have created a "Minecraft style" Mary, King Melchor, Donkey and The lovely alien cow, as well as a Baby Jesus with Trump's hairstyle. Many of the characters are still under design and the big project will continue over the next days and weeks. 

Ranum guest of the AFS Thailand Board.

On Monday yours truly and int. PR and Communications Officer Rie Drejer paid a return visit to the AFS Thailand Board, who hosted a fantastic welcome dinner for us. We confirmed and expanded our good relations, and look forward to a stronger cooperation in the coming years around summer school and the possibility of also sending our students to international schools in Thailand.

Former student appointed Friend of Ranum Efterskole College.

During the visit to Thailand, we had the opportunity to give Kathi Natsamon Slub, a student from 15-16, a special recognition for her great efforts in spreading Ranum's values and the idea of an after-school year to other young people in Thailand. 
Kathi has been volunteering for AFS, holding information sessions and being available to prospective students and parents, as well as hosting our visit to Thailand. She also excelled during her stay at Ranum with a result that has earned her a scholarship to a university in Japan. Kathi is the youngest ever to achieve this recognition.

The coming week: Bridge building and home evening.

The next week will be dedicated to bridging for the students in the 10th grade who have not completed their course in technical school, etc. It will be a hectic week for many students, but Wednesday afternoon and evening will be home visits with the contact teachers and lots of fun. 

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Olav Storm Johannsen