A relaxing spooky week

Dear reader,

A small delegation from Ranum is the first secondary school to participate in an educational delegation to Vietnam. We have visited schools and companies in order to offer young people in Vietnam an international summer school stay at Ranum or an afterschool stay on our international line.

There is a huge interest in education in Vietnam, but unfortunately it is not easy to get to Denmark.
Among other things, we have opened a dialogue with Vinschools, a non-profit organisation with 30,000 students. Next year, the Cambridge courses will start and both teachers and students are looking forward to exchanging experiences with us.


This past Monday, Halloween took over Ranum Efterskole College. With the scene set in the canteen, students were treated to Pumpkin Soup, and had the possibility of special added extras like dead dried grasshoppers! While the students were eating they were also treated to some shock therapy by our in house monsters, or as we call them... teachers!

First Parent Talks of the Year

Today, Friday, we held the first parent-teacher conferences of the year and we must say that it has been a good start to the year. There are many good things that we can work on and we look forward to continuing the good work.

Siblings weekend

This weekend, students have the opportunity to invite their siblings to an after-school weekend, where they can try out different activities and enjoy the good Danish atmosphere. They will have the opportunity to try zumba, cookie baking, ball activities and movies at the cinema etc. with their brother/sister.

Fun with dry ice, teaching

Games Danish

This week, there has been a little extra focus on Danish song culture together with the rest of Denmark. It has created joy and for some completely new singing experiences. Last Thursday at the community gathering, 7 years and Sensommervise were sung. Spil dansk has the purpose of spreading, developing and focusing on Danish music culture in the broadest sense. Read more at spildansk.dk

Photo competition - See the photos!

As usual, we are organising a big photo, video and article competition based on all the photos, videos and articles taken by students and teachers on the first trip of the year. 67 photos, 17 videos and 6 articles have been submitted. Voting has started on our dedicated Facebook group and will continue for about a fortnight, during which time we will announce the winners. Videos and articles are being prepared for upload. Expect to see them on Monday! But see the pictures here or click on the image:

Photographic art, in black and white

During the year, we have the honour of being visited by a talented photojournalist from NORDJYSKE Medier. He sees motifs and ideas where the rest of us just pass by. He blends in with the surrounding furniture and walls. A fly on the wall.

Have a great weekend

Olav Storm Johannsen