Self-esteem, aptitude tests & first journey, follow us here!

Dear reader,

Many thanks to the 2000 guests who came to Ranum for the Afterschool Day last Sunday. It was a great day with lots of activity and praise for our students and especially the kitchen and gastronomy team shone.
We sold out for the 10th year general course and have set up a waiting list. There are still places available for the 9th year and the international line. 

Lecture with Anders Kofoed

A great lecture, it lifted me up, I am ready to become a world champion in my own life etc. There was great feedback to the experienced speaker and inspirer Anders Kofoed Pedersen from Travel Ape. Anders has been visiting Ranum for 10 years and every year it is an eye-opener and a boost to self-esteem for many students.


Journalist Erik Bjerre and scriptwriter Rune Lünell gave a brilliant short course in journalistic storytelling techniques and the technique of shooting short and sharp videos over two days. The students produced a number of funny and educational features, which can be seen on our youtube. Watch one of them here:

Follow us on our travels

We travel all over the world, 3 times a year. Some leave already on Friday 30 Sep and the last ones are back home on 8 Oct. Click on a trip to go directly to their Facebook page, which contains travel updates, pictures and stories.

Proficiency tests

This week, the sailing students have passed the practical test and now the exercises and theory will be combined in practice on deep water. During the winter, the students will take the theoretical test and then they can take a Duelist's Certificate or a licence to sail a boat at the end of the school year.

Culture Subject Choice

The choice of cultural subjects is now complete and students have chosen new cultural subjects for the next 3-4 months. The cultural subjects focus on integrating the academic toolkit of school life with discovering and exploring foreign cultures, societies and other ways of life. The new cultural subjects Australia, US Virgin Island, Animal Welfare and US Roadtrip with High school exchange, were all voted in. The new culture subjects start in week 43 and run until the end of week 6. During the course, students prepare for a 2-week cultural trip under the theme of World Citizenship.

In the coming week

Next week, all profile teams will be on their first profile trip. The different teams have prepared and planned very different profile trips. Music and Dance are travelling to England. Music follows in the footsteps of the Beatles in Liverpool and Dance takes in London and will rehearse and perform in the major metropolises of the dance world. Adventure heads to Sweden to visit and be challenged at our friendship high school Utsikten, whose students and teachers will lovingly care for our students and practice on them in their training as nature guides and outdoor instructors.

Waterperformance has travelled in the first group to Portugal, where the waves of the Atlantic Ocean and the fantastic nature of the coast will give them new challenges on the surfboards. Diving is travelling to Malta, where more than 80 students will complete their first Padi Open Water and Advanced courses. Sailing travels to Croatia and will sail for 7 days on 8 larger sailboats.

The creative subjects Visual Design and Street Performance are travelling to Barcelona, while Gastronomy and Confectionery are taking over the culinary scene in Copenhagen. Gastronomy was supposed to visit Svinkløv Badehotel on Monday, but unfortunately it burned down, so instead they will start their gastronomic journey in Skagen at Ruth's hotel. Horse riding travels to Læsø, where they will try their hand at Icelandic riding in the forest, dunes and by the beach. 
Follow the teams' many exciting travel experiences on our website and by liking the profile pages on FB.

It's been a great after-school week, with shrimps flying freely and the first autumn storm bringing students closer together as a community. We are really looking forward to sharing all the travel stories and seeing the students again in a week. 

Have a great weekend

Olav Storm Johannsen