Open House and elections for cultural subjects

Dear reader,

We will be open from 10.00 and at 10.30 there will be a big welcome assembly in the banquet hall, where you can also hear the school's values, profile subjects and academic programmes, and in the Gold Horn Hall we will tell you about the international programme.

We are very excited to showcase our beautiful school and hope that you will tell neighbours, friends and colleagues about the chance to visit Ranum Efterskole College. Places are still available for the 2017-18 school year.

Versatile efterskoleuge

Adventure on MTB tour.

The week has offered lots of activity in the profile subjects, fun and academic challenges. In the profile subjects, the travel programme for the upcoming profile subject trips in week 40 has been prepared. And students have been preparing to talk about their subjects at the Open House.

Fit for Life trains for first trip.

In the kitchen, the menu has been internationally food-court inspired with both Indian chicken Tikka Masaca, English fish & chips, Swedish sausage dish and Danish chops in dish, etc. In the assemblies, we have been following up on the elections for the upcoming Culture and Travel in January, and it looks really exciting.

There are some cultural subjects that would really like to have more participants, such as Philippines Scuba Diving, Winter Sports, Europe Tour and High School Exchange in California.

Thermo cups for all students and staff

During Sustainability Week, some students suggested that we should have thermos cups for everyone at school, and now they are made with a nice REC logo print. The cups will hopefully save a lot of disposable cups and we would also like to see less coffee and tea spilt on stairs and in corridors.

Collection for the witch children in Nigeria.

On Friday, eager pupils emptied the large bottle holder and were able to send 478 DKK to the persecuted children in Nigeria.

36 motivated footballers at the Northern Jutland Championship.

36 budding football talents were Friday at the North Jutland championship at the mythical Lerpytter Sports in Thisted. The day offered hard fighting, high spirits and motivated players all around, resulting in both victories, draws and a few narrow defeats. Kudos to the students, who were excellent ambassadors throughout the day. Some tired students and coaches are now almost home and crossing their fingers for stadium plates for dinner.

98,458 steps in a week!

During the sustainability week, there was a competition to see who walked the most during a working week. Both from students but also from staff.
Not surprisingly, the world's fastest cleaner, Margit Bunde Jensen, came in first place with 98458 steps. Among the students, it was Mads H. B. with 63176.

Exciting lecture on American politics

A group of students participated in an exciting lecture with Associate Professor Niels Bjerre Poulsen from the University of Southern Denmark on the theme; Why Americans both love and hate politics.

New elective and profile course in Electronic Music

Peter Bøgh Andreasen is a teacher at the new school. and profile subject in electronic music. The new studio is inspired by the club environment and there is plenty of gear to play with. Come and experience some tasters on Sunday.

New E-sports room

The new E-sports room is designed for both gaming and IT education. A group of students are building their own machines and learning a lot about the history of computers, their construction, security and more.

There is a lot of energy and focus when it comes to IT and technology!

In the coming week

...pupils must be fully prepared for the profile subject trips in week 40. On Monday and Tuesday, all students will take part in an intensive media course called one-day movie maker. They will learn the basic techniques of organising, shooting and editing videos, and then they will produce small documentaries themselves. The course is part of the Danish programme and is run across all classes.

After the course, this year's first major Photo, Video and Article competition will kick off.
On Wednesday, Anders Kofoed Pedersen from Travel Ape will give a presentation on self-esteem and camaraderie, it is a super exciting and inspiring lecture that will surely inspire many of the students.

Open House - Afterschool Day.

On Sunday the 25th of September we will hold an Open House for all interested and there will be the opportunity to sign up for a fantastic afterschool year.

The students show around, tell about their profile subjects and there is the opportunity to talk about afterschool life and professionalism with the teachers in the café.

The gastronomy team and the kitchen will provide an international breakfast table from 10-11 am and afterwards there will be many different culinary experiences from different parts of the world in the square.

Have a great weekend

Olav Storm Johannsen