Strawberries, racing, launches and trials

Dear reader,

This weekend, more than 30 students parachuted over Himmerland. On the ground, a large group of students picked strawberries for the entire student body, and spoiled the many who have been working hard to prepare for the oral exams.

On the water the Ranum boat came first around Mors. In the evening we danced lancers and had a good time around the fire and wrote memory books. There is too little time left and yet so much to do.

Now we are entering the last week of this afterschool year and it is almost unbearable to think that when I have become we, then we shall spread to the winds - all over the globe.

Mors Round Race

Last weekend, a team of former sailing students borrowed Ranum Efterskole College's large Matcher 37 sailboat and participated in the Mors Rundt race.
The team crossed the finish line first after 10 ½ hours of intense sailing, including in front of an X50. The team was sailing out of competition, so it was great to be the first boat to finish.

New chairs and tables

This week, we got over 300 new office chairs in the classrooms, so students can sit comfortably and healthily for years to come. After a student-teacher democratic process, we chose a chair with a PUR seat and back. It is a flexible material that is also perceived as soft and friendly, and less cold than the plastic chairs. There is a 10 year guarantee, so we hope to enjoy the chairs for many years to come.

Les Lanciers REC

This week, students have been practicing lancets in the main hall. They have fought bravely with their positions, stepped over their own toes and those of others, and bowed and scraped. And after a few rehearsals, it looks set to be a great show next Friday at the Gallafesten.

Click on the image to play the video.

Activity day on the field obstacle course

There have been a lot of activities this week for students who have either finished their oral exams or need some fresh energy and distraction in between exams. 
A number of students took up the challenge and took to the military obstacle course in a fierce internal competition.

Robust citizen

On Tuesday we held another course on becoming a Robust Citizen. The course is organised by the Swedish Emergency Management Agency and is free for students. The immediate benefit of becoming a Robust Citizen is that students learn how to prevent accidents, prepare for external events (e.g. weather) and generally know more about how to help themselves and their loved ones in the event of an accident.

Parachute Day

Monday the last students jumped in a parachute and here you can see a small video from the big jump REC - Skydiving video

Kayaking on Vilsted Lake.

Besides the hard physical and creative activities, there was also a group enjoying nature on Vilsted Lake and learning to row a canoe and kayak.
On the lake you sail in the middle of a fantastic bird life and even though the reeds are high and close you can feel the unique nature.
After the kayak ride there was communal snob bread and bonfire, it doesn't get much better than that.

Strawberry picking & pampering

On the way to Rønbjerg is a fantastic strawberry farm, which at this time of year has plenty of strawberries, and enough for 450 summer-starved strawberry-loving students and staff.
It takes quite a while to pick and clean the strawberries and there is a lot of wasted pleasure, but there were plenty of strawberries for dessert and everyone was happy on Wednesday night.

The last week - never to return.

Sunday we have invited the families of the students to a "Pick up things" dinner and social from 4-7 p.m. There will also be rehearsals of lancers and the opportunity to play in the Swede and on the lawn for siblings.

Monday we have the last Rønbjerg day with activities and beach fun, and lunch.

Tuesday the whole school travels to Livø and the last students who are up for the oral exam join us. On Livø, we will enjoy the beautiful nature and overcome various challenges in the contact group and in the larger community. The journey to and from Livø takes place in a large RIB both one way and on the Livø ferry the other way. It will be an unforgettable day.

Wednesday Firstly, there's the legendary football match between teachers and students. The teachers have a tradition of winning - mostly on fancy dress. This year we have our own cheerleading team and if we survive the game, there is a contact group visit to most of the teachers' homes in the afternoon.

Thursday there is a big clean-up day in both areas and rooms, and in the afternoon there is RECord day. In the evening there is a barbecue and Sct. Hans bonfire at Ranum Hus.

Friday is the big room cleaning day and in the afternoon it's time to get ready for the Gala. Held in the Great Hall, it's a magical evening of launches and award shows. It's a night to remember, and the next morning parents and siblings attend the graduation ceremony on the large lawn in front of the main building. 

Have a great weekend!

Best regards!

Olav Storm Johannsen