Oral exams, strong students and free fall

Dear reader,

It's been a week of excitement and traces of nervousness for many of our students who have been taking oral exams throughout the week. Many parents have probably received calls from their children who have just come out of the exam rooms and been caught up in the good news.

For many have done very well. When students have not been taking oral exams, there has been a wealth of activities.

You can read more about the best ones below.

We found Ranum's strongest student

Our Fit for life teacher, Peter Friis Andersen, shows in a short video why hard work works.

Strongman battle in the schoolyard. Sled pull, farmerwalk, One arm OH press and deadlift in the finals. The last deadlifts were not pretty, but fortunately the last several months of training have done a lot for the strength of the muscles. Although Andreas didn't make the finals, he broke the school record by OH pressing the 40 KG KB. Sarah won her class without a fight as no one dared to take on the Cyborg. Congratulations to Victor and Sarah and thanks for a year of lots of hard training.

Hard work works!" - Peter Friis Andersen

Skydiving Sunday and Monday

On Sunday and Monday, several students jumped from a small airplane to get the big picture with 30 seconds of free fall with open skies and beautiful sunshine. Luckily everyone was attached to some very skilled skydivers.

See more pictures on our flickr album.

Welcome to the USA

The American exchange students from PCS arrived in Ranum on Monday. Since then, they have lived and filled their Danish host student at the school and participated in the many activities. This weekend, they are staying with the host student's family to experience Danish culture and what it is like to live and work in Denmark.

Frisbee golf

On Friday, golf and frisbee were put together for a joint and slightly different activity. With the good weather and atmosphere there was extra space and surplus to take different fun pictures. 

We're always trying something new at Ranum and we're not afraid to combine different fun things together to create something new. Last Friday we tried frisbee golf and combined it with a game of fun and games.. luckily we brought a camera. See the pictures here or click on the image.

AFS students out bowling

Our 9 AFS students from Mexico, Thailand, Hong Kong and Malaysia were invited to go bowling in Viborg. It ended with the presentation of their AFS certificates as an indication that the school year at Ranum will soon be over. Thanks a lot to AFS for a great initiative.

The dream lives - Clean afterschool, clean Ranum - Now as a meme.

One of our teachers has tried his hand at something most young people see several times a day... a meme. An image with a statement and in several cases an emotional expression. Here is a focus on all the trash that gets thrown around town. The dream is that our young people who buy their own sweets, noodles and other treats also throw the rubbish into one of the many bins set up around the city.

New 1-minute presentation video

A lot of good video clips and drone footage were taken on the video day, which has now become one of several short presentation videos about Ranum Efterskole. The first is a 1-minute video showing the school, activities and some of the good atmosphere and energy that the students and staff help to create together in a unique, historic setting (the state seminary).

See it below.

In the coming week..

..most students will finish their oral exams, and on Friday they can celebrate with the last parent and student-organised student party.

On Sunday 19 June, the kitchen will be open to parents who want to drop off their babies and take home the first load of furniture.

Have a great weekend!

Best regards!

Olav Storm Johannsen