Rehearsals, 2nd class day and great afterschool weather

Dear reader,

This week it has been after-school weather and we have been enjoying the outdoors throughout the school. Students have been busy with exam preparation, oral exams and a host of activities especially on the fjord. In front of the houses every evening there has been beach volleyball, round ball and football and almost all students have been.

2nd class day

The big event of the week was the 2nd class day, where we were visited by over 200 young people from Vesthimmerland's primary schools' 2nd classes. The theme of the activity and sports day is a journey around the world and in addition to creating unity and physical movement, the young people also learned about the characteristics of different countries.

Almost 100 students organised activities and accompanied the young people on their journey.

See more pictures from the day here.

The Olympics of the Seminary House

The Student Committee of the Seminary House hosted on Friday a really nice event for all the contact groups of the house. There were competitions on the stage, a water fight and then a barbecue and a meal together on the lawn. The ball has now been set in motion for Ranum House and Kærhus to also hold a house event.

The oral exams are off to a good start, and many students have received very good grades. We are excited about the written grades, which have just today been published in Skoleplan. They have been marked by one examiner for the first time, and it is only the parents who can object to the examiner if they believe that the grade is not fair. However, parents and students do not have a basis to assess it from the outside. Complaints should be directed to the undersigned on the school's info mail and then it will be forwarded to the external examiner. Previously, the student's teacher and the external examiner voted on an assessment and this certainly made the assessment more considered.


When students do not have study and test preparation time written into their timetable, they can choose from a wide range of activities. Many have enjoyed the good weather on the water. And the sailors have been practising for their practical tests in the afternoon and evening. There have been canoe trips on Vilsted Lake, mountain bike rides and ice horse riding in Uhrehøje, as well as a street performance trip to Aalborg. Every day about 10 teachers are involved in doing activities and it is super nice that many students also get time to participate besides their test preparation.

Last weekend there were adventure rides to Uhrehøj and the students got a lot of kilometers in their MTB tires. They were challenged on the High rope course and in exciting exercises such as raft building.It was a great active and challenging weekend.

This weekend there is skydiving and about 15 students will jump from Skive and the Airfield of the year. The weather is great, so it will be magical. The following weekend there will be water sports activities and a team of former students will take part in the big match race Mors Rundt. There will also be wakeboarding, SUP boards and of course both canoeing and kayaking, as well as all the sailboats. We are keeping our fingers crossed that the weather holds up reasonably well.

New EVS volunteers

Hi! My name is Noelia and I am from the northwest of Spain. I am really excited about joining this school in August as a volunteer. I have studied a Bachelor of Industrial Design and a Master of Art Direction so I will be happy taking part in all kind of artistic workshops and Spanish lessons. I had some international experiences before, as a student, and I think this is going to be amazing and challenging because is also about sharing knowledge.

Hey! I am Laura! I come from Lille, one of the biggest towns located in the North of France. In addition to help with French class, I could also help with music and drama mainly (and have fun, not gonna lie). Noelia and me are thinking about develop a video/photography project.

New EVS volunteers: Noelia (left) and Laura (right)

Have a great sunny weekend!

Best regards!

Olav Storm Johannsen