Print Festival, Hvalborg in Aarhus and New Students' Day

Dear reader,

The new gable has popped out. Ready to be explored. Because what's hiding in the picture? And what are the students looking at? Come and see for yourself.

It has been a great week of afterschool where the students have prepared for the oral exams, as well as been to Aftryk concert and now we look forward to a weekend with both Family Day for current students and New Student Day for the upcoming student team.

Staff trip to Aarhus Music Hall

On Wednesday, almost all employees went on the 2nd part of Christmas. First we visited Bazar Vest, where we had a cultural experience and a nice Turkish dinner. Afterwards, a group went to the harbour to see the new DOK 1 cultural centre. The evening ended with a blast of the Shubidua Musical, which lifted both spirits and provided a good experience for the community.

2800 km alone along the West Coast of the USA

Agnes is a former student of REC and on Wednesday afternoon she told about an experience that no other Danish youth has had before. She set out to hike along the west coast of the United States and along the way she met a lot of exciting people and challenges. The experience encouraged her to continue in high school again and it was a personal and powerful story that made an impression on the students.

Impression music festival

On Thursday afternoon, the last students handed in their synopses and headed off to a music festival for after-school students organised by Østhimmerland Youth School in Bælum. We had 3 bands with us and they got a great support from the students in front of the stage. The kitchen had provided plenty of refreshments and the barbecue was on for most of the evening.

Family weekend

Evening picture with cheese board etc. for parents

This coming weekend is family day from Friday to Saturday. The programme includes activities, fellowship, fun and after-school life on Friday evening, and continues with an evaluation workshop and profile lessons on Saturday afternoon.

New student day

On Sunday we will be visited by the future students and their parents. The programme starts at 09.30 and during the day the students will cross paths with the current students at assembly. And afterwards there will be contact group time, as well as parent orientation. As well as hearing about the academic subjects, pupils will hear about their profile subjects and try on their school clothes. For the current students, it's a bit of a sad day, as this day also marks that a new team of students will soon be taking over the school.

Events next week

Oral exams are taking place all week and students have to spend a lot of time preparing. In between there are a lot of activities both on the water and around the school.
Wednesday is video day, where students and teachers together make a video about Ranum Efterskole College. There will be most of the profile subjects, academic teaching, stories and interviews.

Videos from last year.

summer school

Are you 14-17 years old and on holiday in weeks 27,28,29,30 this year? Then come to Ranum and participate in our International Summer School, experience a great community with young people from all over the world.

Read the mobile-friendly brochure here or read more at summer school

Have a great weekend!

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