Great summer weather, community and activities

Dear reader,

There has just been a great after-school atmosphere and life all over the school this week. Despite the fact that all students have had written tests in maths, English and German, the students have also managed to enjoy the outdoors and the community in the super nice summer weather.

The written tests have generally gone well and the test coordinators and the teacher supervisors are highly praised for their safe handling of the tests.

For some students, it is a challenge to stay focused and work on the same task without interruptions for several hours, and we can clearly see that students are now more focused and experienced in the tests.

Beach trip, bonfire and barbecue evening.

After long days of tests and synopsis writing, many students took up the offer of a beach trip on Wednesday evening. Despite the fjord being no more than 16 degrees, there was both swimming and swimming.

Every evening there has also been a bonfire and singing. The new beach volleyball court at Ranumhus has also been put to good use.


On Monday evening, the kitchen surprised with a barbecue night, serving grilled chicken, spareribs and ribs. The students had a long time on the lawn by the stadium and watched the football girls play a friendly match against a team from Nibe.

Wednesday - Contact group photo

On Wednesday afternoon there was a contact group photo session and creativity flourished on the lawn in front of the main building.

See a modern gif with all contact group images below. Be patient as it is close to 15 Mb.


Today, Friday, the students from Global Perspectives had a lecture with former politician Pernille Vigsø Bagge, who talked about her years at Christiansborg and how to be critical about your sources. Among other things, this is something the students from Global Perspectives will be doing on Monday.

Next week

This coming week, general education students will have a day off on Whit Monday, while international students will arrive on Sunday and have exams on Monday.

Every day there is a large programme of activities in the morning and afternoon, as well as plenty of opportunity to write synopses and prepare for oral exams.

On Wednesday morning, all students and teachers will have their photo taken for the annual photo, and at the end of the afternoon, almost all staff will go to Aarhus to redeem the second half of this year's staff gift, the musical Shubidua. However, we have 5 permanent teachers and 3-4 visiting teachers, so there are plenty of adults to create a really good after school evening.

Former student gives lecture on unique achievement

On Wednesday afternoon there is also a very exciting talk by former REC student, Agnes Plesner Skårup. She is the youngest Dane and only girl to have hiked the Pacific Crest Trail.

Agnes recounts her solo adventure through the heart of America's West Coast nature and people. 5 months in the wilderness. 2800 kilometres, 3 pairs of shoes, 12 blisters and 1 toenail. A story about beauty, in nature as well as in people, but with a good dose of humour sprinkled over. A testament to what happens when you face the world with an open mind and "no" is not part of your vocabulary.

Parents and siblings weekend

Friday to Saturday afternoon we invite you for the 2nd time to the Parents and Siblings Weekend, and a bunch of teachers and students will make a nice afterschool program for all ages. Besides the obligatory morning exercise, the programme offers an evaluation workshop, stories from the 3rd travel period and in the afternoon there is the opportunity to try out some of the many profile subjects.

New Students' Day

On Sunday, most of the new pupils for the coming school year will visit the school together with their parents. The new pupils will meet their contact teacher and contact group, and hear about school and profile subjects.The day is divided into 2 sections. Contact groups 1-22 will have an assembly at 09.30 and contact groups 23-44 will have an assembly in the Multicultural House at 14.10.

The current student team is welcome to participate in the program, but it is not a stay weekend.

We are really looking forward to meeting the new students and their parents and hope that they are as amazing as our current student team 🙂

summer school

Are you 14-17 years old and do you have holidays in week 27,28,29,30 this year? Then come to Ranum and participate in our International Summer School, experience a fantastic community with young people from all over the world.

Read the mobile-friendly brochure here or read more at summer school

Have a great weekend!

Best regards!

Olav Storm Johannsen