Finally spring and with it the warmth came to Ranum

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Spring and warmth finally came to Ranum, and although we have tests and exams all over the school, there has also been time to have fun on the lawn, play football and many students have taken their books outside. Spirits are high and last Friday's student party in particular has created many new and closer friendships.

The tests have gone without any major problems

Written tests are in full swing and students have been working with determination and energy. The tests have gone off without a hitch and the challenges that have arisen were regrettably due to errors and omissions on the part of the Ministry of Education.

Many students spend the whole trial period and it gives a good satisfaction to reach the end. We have both international and Danish tests at the same time this week, so when tests overlap students have to be escorted and isolated from all media and communication with the outside world. The international students did a great job and in a week they can look forward to a period of more activity than books. They really deserve it.

The week already started on Sunday afternoon when the students returned excited for the Blue Book writing and photo session. It was a pleasant afternoon and evening with lots of funny stories and laughs.

Evaluation of student party

On Monday evening, we had a joint meeting with Jens and Allan from the Parents' Council, and the recent student party was evaluated to ensure that the last student party is a success for everyone. There had been some challenges at the last student party, which created an uneasiness, and some broke the rules of the party, so they can not participate in the next one.

Fortunately, the cooperation with the student party committee succeeded in setting a constructive direction for the last student party. A huge thank you goes to all the parent volunteers who put in a lot of time and energy to create a great student party.

Talent awards for 3 Ranum students

On Friday there was an award ceremony at the Johannes V. Jensen Museum in the competition for a modern Himmerland story. This year, the first prize went to one of the author's town children, Caroline from Farsø, while three students from Ranum Efterskole, Andreas Virenfeldt, Karoline Holmager Hundborg and Cecilie Lykke Eriksen received the second, third and talent prizes respectively. Great effort from all participants and congratulations to all winners.

Ascension Day is just around the corner and about 2/3 of the school's students have gone home for the long weekend. The rest of the pupils will have their exams on Thursday and Friday and many will therefore stay at school all weekend. We are organising fun, activities and excursions, so it won't be dull.

In the coming week, all students will have tests again, and in between, preparations for synopsis writing will start. Every day there are activities and students have to choose between study time, activities and homework. It's a super nice time because there is also plenty of air for fun and living the community to the fullest.

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