We're off into the world - Wedding weekend and Dance show

Dear reader,

We had the most amazing weekend with a superb student-organised wedding event, and the party was a great start to the week of preparations.

In academic subjects, students have been given direction on the syllabus and test forms, and time has also been spent on revision. In the profile subjects, students have been focusing on the upcoming trips and since Thursday, teams have been leaving at all hours of the day.

There are always challenges in travelling in large numbers, but we've started off a bit rough this time with delayed trains, punctured buses and delayed flights. Follow the many profile teams on their exciting final journeys of this school year.

Wedding Weekend

The wedding weekend broke all records and was a great event that we will remember for many years to come. The student committee, together with 3 teachers, had shaped the whole event and got a good 230 peers involved in the fun.

There were real flower decorations made by a famous flower artist from Aalborg, and there was a professional wedding cake baked by our baker Jan, and 21 girls. The bridesmaids, priest, grandmother and bride, as well as the groom were in their best and the whole Imagination loft was transformed into a church. Vice-chancellor Joakim Philipsen is a car enthusiast and provided his classic Citroen as the bridal carriage. The banquet hall was cleared of chairs and grand piano and certainly lived up to its name as everyone was catered for with beautiful tables. Each envelope was fitted with name cards and the card stated the role the guest would play during the evening. It was truly a great party and evening, with the music team entertaining and there being both speeches and fun. See all photos here.

Timelapse - Ready to party

See also how we get the ballroom ready for a party, timelapse made by student Oscar Hildebrandt.


Dance show

On Wednesday, we moved the gathering to the main sports hall, where the dancers performed the show they will be touring in Beijing next week. It's a really good show, which also tells the story of being young, finding yourself and daring to be yourself. They are relieved to be in Beijing and have their first event tomorrow.

The last profiling trip of the year - Follow us!

All week the students have been preparing for the trips, packing, weighing, collecting passports, arranging food, and over the weekend most are on their way. You can follow the adventures of the many teams on FB and here on the website regularly.

There are already fresh updates from the first teams that have landed around the world:

Pilgrimage - Spain

Sailing - Greece

A little greeting from the boat "Sleipner". Fantastic day so far. After a quick check in we left in the afternoon and sailed in sunny weather and nice wind with more than 10 knots through the Saronic Gulf. In a little while we will reach Methana where we will spend the night. Sailing Ranum Efterskole on 8 April 2016

Follow the individual teams below, with travel info and links to facebooks pages, which will be updated regularly. But you can also choose to follow main page on facebook where the best stories from all the teams are shown.

We wish everyone a safe and pleasant journey, and look forward to seeing everyone back in good health. To travel is to live and at Ranum it is also top motivating for community and learning.

Have a great weekend!

Best regards!

Olav Storm Johannsen