Indoor wakeboarding, new chef and summer school

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Good energy, focus on the international oral exams and lots of activities have filled this week at Ranum Efterskole College. Most of the students have been floating on a pink cloud after a successful student party last Friday, and hands are being held and hugs are being handed out, making you think it's June.

In the profile subjects, especially the outdoor subjects have been set back by the cold weather. Waterperformance has got their warm equipment, but now the water is hard and so balance and surf have to be practiced on the simulator in the gym. Click on the image below to start the video.

waterperformance ranumefterskole 2016

In the assemblies we have turned the political situation in Denmark with the government crisis. And in the houses, the students have discussed our much-loved free-fruit scheme, which had been stopped because of fruit-swine. The result is that it has now been reintroduced because everyone has promised to take responsibility for not messing around with spent fruit again.

New ambassador for REC and new chef

In the kitchen, we have said goodbye to our talented chef Jimmi Petersen, who has been hired as head of tourism in Himmerland. We also took the opportunity to appoint Jimmi as an ambassador for the school.

jimmi quits ranumefterskole 2016

The new head chef is Henrik Flodager Mouritzen, who has previously been responsible for several large projects, including as head chef at DGI Huset Nordkraft. Henrik has joined the team and will continue the good work that Jimmi started by prioritizing local ingredients, own production and sustainability. We are looking forward to the collaboration and new inspiration in the kitchen.

henrik starts ranumefterskole 2016

In the evening programme there has been time for fun, relaxation and sport. On Tuesday there was relaxation and massage in the attic.

massage ranumefterskole 2016

summer school teens ranumInternational summer school for teens.

This summer we have invited young people from all over the world to an international summer school for teens. You can choose 1-2 or 4 weeks program and will experience an international English speaking community with lots of activities and fun.

Read the margasinet in English for teens.

International summer school for families.

If you dream of trying an afterschool stay, but are not in the age group 14-17, there is now the opportunity to experience Ranum Efterskole College in week 27-28 or 29. We have in cooperation with AFS Interkultur Danmark organized a really good program with the opportunity to learn English, play music, sail, dance and much more, while you can be on a family holiday. Each family will have its own apartment with 4-6 beds and we will send the teenagers to the summer school for teenagers.

In addition to the common program items, there is also the opportunity to make your own excursions in Himmerland or to the North Sea. Hopefully there will be families from Denmark, the Nordic countries and Northern Europe, so the community will be diverse. Read more under the summer school menu.

Read more.

Open House on Saturday 12 March from 13-17.

come to the open house

Students and teachers will show Ranum Efterskole College to interested students next Saturday. The various profile subjects and cultural subjects will be putting on exhibitions and there will be plenty of opportunity to talk about the many activities and academic offerings at the school. Places are limited for boys in Years 9 and 10 for the 2016-17 school year. And there are places available for everyone in the following school year 2017-18. Come to Ranum, we have really exciting things to offer and there will be refreshments and experiences for everyone all afternoon.

Hip Hop International in Randers

A group of dance students will participate in the big Hip Hop International dance competition in Randers on Saturday, May 5, 11 a.m.-8 p.m. We have set up a booth at the competition and there will be an opportunity to learn more about our school and the opportunities to dance, as well as travel to London, Berlin, Beijing and NY with dance.

This coming weekend there is an extended weekend, with no classes on Monday. This means that students will not return until Monday after 18.00 Ranum bus service runs to Hobro, Viborg, and Padborg.


Have a great weekend!

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Olav Storm Johannsen

Olav Storm Johannsen