Great culture day and inauguration of new kitchen

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peru ranumefterskole 2016 taken by friendlyrandomguy
Photo taken by that friendly random guy at Machu Picchu.

The presentation of the cultural studies trips on Sunday marked the end of 3 months of preparation, about 2 weeks of travel and 3 weeks of follow-up work on the theme of culture and internationalisation. The students presented their own experiences with presentations, films and workshops to more than 950 parents, siblings and grandparents.

New Tuesday classes and profile classes off to a good start

This week we have started up with the new profile subjects and Tuesday subjects, the students have received the new timetable and it has gone well, although the complexity is very high with 400+ individual timetables.

The new Tuesday classes are:

Climbing, Bead workshop, Hunting license training, Ceramics, Girl boxing, Sailing theory, Wakeboard rønbjerg, Horse riding, Roller hockey, Hardball, badminton, Crossfit, Half marathon, Print festival, Dance, Film, Football, Your story and Duke of Edinburgh.

Below, ceramics with teacher Ilka G. and a student.

ceramics ranumefterskole feb 2016 

Inauguration of the new kitchen in the Seminary House.

On Thursday morning, during the break, we inaugurated the new production kitchen in the Seminary House with a cake, champagne (non-alcoholic) and speeches. The new kitchen provides staff and students with much better working conditions and the opportunity to prepare more ingredients from local producers. The big news is a tunnel dishwasher, which saves the kitchen team hours of washing up.

We also have new and more energy-efficient cold rooms and an optimised and sustainable waste management system. The new kitchen is bright and welcoming and the whole refurbishment took just 2 months over the Christmas and travel period.

aabning news koekken ranumefterskole 12feb16

aabning news koekken ranumefterskole 12feb16 2

aabning news koekken ranumefterskole 12feb16 3

Inauguration of a new staff room.

staff room ranumefterskole

The old teachers' room has long been in need of renovation, and now looks great with armchairs, sofas, a work café and a meeting table. In the spirit of the REC, the room is now no longer a staff room, but a staff room for all professional groups, which was marked at the inauguration. Thomas Bjerg was also celebrated when he joined Ranum as a teacher 10 years ago.

Student concert in honour of David Bowie.

david bowie ranumefterskole 2016

At the community gathering on Wednesday, 2 students performed a small memorial concert with songs by David Bowie, in collaboration with Carl.

Common pedagogical approach.

In the community meetings and in the contact group time we have this week debated the school rules and framework regarding the rule violations we experienced last week. There is a good understanding of the pedagogical practice, and support for not running 0-tolerance on all rules, but working with individual and dialogue-based solutions that bring the unfortunate on track instead of off track. It is good to have the common rules exercised halfway through the school year, and we hope that the dialogue will bring the pupils closer together towards the common goal of everyone reaching the summer holidays.

Super Bowl with lots of fun

With hot dogs, cherry coke and copious amounts of popcorn, this year's fiftieth (50th) Super Bowl was truly a good time. Much to the satisfaction of Vice President, Joakim Philipsen; the Broncos won a sure victory.

superbowl broncos ranum efterskole 2016

In the coming week

..there is a slightly different timetable with several subject days, where students and teachers can immerse themselves in individual subjects and form an overview ahead of the summer exams. On Tuesday, traffic informant Rene Holtebo Merrild will talk about his own accident and how it affected his life. He has been to Ranum before and always sets many thoughts in motion. On Friday morning we have invited sexologist Joan Ørting to talk about love, sex and health, and this is sure to resonate with the student and staff groups.

clean traffic informant ranumefterskole 2015

Friends' days in weeks 7 and 8.

Wednesday to Thursday, students have the opportunity to invite their friends who are on winter holiday in week 7 to visit Ranum. We have put together a great after-school programme, and expect them to be deeply envious. In week 8 we will repeat the programme for the friends who have winter holidays this week. At Ranum we don't have winter holidays because all the students come from different parts of the country and from abroad. The afterschool year is already too short.

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Olav Storm Johannsen

Olav Storm Johannsen