Harvest festival, sustainability and Open House

Dear reader,

Harvest celebrations and lots of positive energy, as well as a focus on sustainability, have made their mark on this week. The students have also been involved in choosing their Culture subject, and now the final selection process where parents confirm the choice.
The students have been involved in the sustainability project in several ways, and all had a taste of vegetarian lasagna and tried out different green culinary experiences during the week. Attitude is important, but experience is more important.

Harvest Festival

The guide and event team had their moment of glory on Thursday evening, when several weeks of planning culminated in a great harvest party with roast suckling pig and lots of juice and cosiness.
There was straw all over the school, stuffed scarecrows and lots of cute farm girls, cowgirls and cowboys, and guys and girls. Our foreign students were astonished, but quickly settled into the more casual and festive setting. The majority of students joined in the line dancing and many struggled on the rodeo ride. Thankfully, there were lots of us cleaning up!

Roast suckling pig at harvest feast at Ranum Efterskole College
Roast suckling pig at harvest feast at Ranum Efterskole College
Harvest party at Ranum afterschool
Harvest party at Ranum afterschool

Dramatic visit from London

This week we had a drama workshop with the amazing Keiron Jones from London. He put language and culture into an exciting storytelling framework that inspired students and teachers.

The great baking contest in Kærhuset

This weekend, the kærhuset hosted the big baking competition for anyone interested in creative baking. The focus was on hearts, community and sweetness.

Thanks to everyone who has "Liked" our Facebook page!

Thanks to your help on Facebook, we are now very close to reaching a big round number - 7000 likes! Thank you very much - We like it!

Parents and family weekend

First, next week is Family Weekend from Friday to Saturday. Everyone is invited and about 250 have announced their participation. A lot of people will also participate in the new Vilsted Lake Run, which will take place on Saturday. Registration is still open until Monday. The school pays the parent and family entry fee, and supports the work of the Lions Club, as well as a great community event. In the afternoon, everyone will try out different profile subjects and have fun together.

Open house on Sunday 27 September, 10-17.

We are holding an open house next Sunday and invite everyone to visit us and experience the students show around and tell about their profile subjects, academic teaching and experiences in afterschool life. You are welcome to drop in for an international breakfast at 10am and there will be refreshments throughout the day.

We hope you will pass this on to neighbours, friends, colleagues so we can fill the school for years to come, thank you!

Best regards and have a nice weekend
Olav Storm Johannsen