Profile subjects, new club subjects and good karma.

Dear reader,

It has been a fantastic afterschool week at Ranum Efterskole College, where the students have gotten off to a great start with profile subjects, electives and club subjects. There are returnees, but also a lot of new subjects already. It bodes well for the school year when the students are so enthusiastic about new ideas, suggestions and commitment to their own and the school's development. We are heading for a busy and wet water sports weekend with lots of maritime activities.

Good start on profile subjects

Profile period 1 is well underway. The media team has had a visit from Erik Bjerre, a journalist specialising in video production. The students have recorded a number of interesting interviews about life at the school, which will be published later.
The sailors have had a windy week, but there were some really good waves in Klitmøller for the surf team from Water Performance. The students at Street Performance have started building their own longboards, and in between there is time to skate around the school. Adventure has put the new mountain bikes to use and challenged the track in Rønbjerg. It's great to see that everyone is now settling into their subjects and looking forward to travelling together in just 5 weeks. 

The sailors were blowing away this week, but were taught how to set sail and cope with harbour manoeuvres.
The skaters from Street Performance are out testing the asphalt in Ranum. Click on the picture or the mouse to play the video.

In the coming weeks, students will have the opportunity to come up with new ideas for cultural subjects in the 2nd period and both student and teacher groups are already busy. Next Thursday there will be the first presentation of ideas for new subjects and of known cultural subjects. 

New electives

All electives are taken on Tuesdays. In the Fit for Fight class, students work on physical training and learn various defensive techniques. In running, students train for the big Vilsted Sø ½ marathon, which takes place on Saturday 26 September. There are already 20 registered for the ½ marathon distance and all students will try their hand at the 5 km. So training is needed!

Creative electives

Innovation is one of the new creative electives, where students are challenged to think differently and new. And who doesn't need an invention that can save objects, or in this case an egg, from breaking if dropped from 3 storeys? 
In the course, students receive feedback on creativity, execution and ingenuity, as well as collaboration. It creates a really good energy.

Good karma

Thursday night was all about relaxation and good karma - heavily inspired by Master Fatman. Students first met Master Carl B. and Master Kim G., who meditated their way to good afterschool karma on the big stage, in best yoga style. They got the love, consideration and appreciation flowing in the hall, and then the students were sent to their rooms with sweet refreshments. Here they were to continue the good vibes and set up a good framework for well-being and community in the room. We succeeded really well and are optimistic about room and house peace this year.

Italian guest students in Copenhagen

Our guest students from Italy are in Copenhagen this week, tasting both cultural and gastronomic experiences. They are fascinated by Christiania and its unique cultural environment. They also visit Christiansborg and learn about Danish democracy and history. In the last week they will create a big painting at school and we will have a festive end to their visit.

This weekend there is a Water Sports theme with Sailing, Water Performance, Surf and SUP board. There is also a town festival in Ranum and of course we have a number of activities in the town football tournament. We are about 285 students, and it's going to be really good. This coming weekend is a diving weekend, mostly for the students on diving and for the students who are about to take the PADI diving certificate. The following weekend, 10-12 September, is the Friends Weekend, where students can invite a friend to visit the school from Friday at 6 pm to Sunday noon. It is our students who must register via School Plan. We do a lot of creative, sports and community activities. 

Our new chef Jimmi Petersen takes over from Lars Jeppesen.

Best regards and have a nice weekend
Olav Storm Johannsen