Introfesten FARVER kick-started the school year

Dear reader.
The intro weeks have gone brilliantly. The weather and the students have been racing and we have all been saturated with new impressions and experiences. The community in the contact groups and in the houses has been strengthened. And after the pupils have started in the split-level classes and in the profile subjects, they have made friendships across the houses. Wednesday afternoon, everyone got their mobile phone back and the opportunity to call home and arrange a return trip for the extended weekend. The fact that the students were unable to use their mobile phones in the first few weeks has undoubtedly strengthened the community, and they are already sharing numbers and confirming friendships.

During the last weekend all students were at school. Friday evening we held the first theme party of the year COLOURS. Everyone was dressed in colourful clothes and the contact groups had prepared a colourful presentation of their group in the afternoon, arranged beautiful table settings and written verses for a somewhat colourful community song. Dinner was created by the kitchen and the two colourful chefs. Lars Jeppesen directed his last after-school theme party at Ranum and Jimmi Pedersen made his debut as the new chef. After a great dinner there was an award show in the banquet hall with student music, awards for the best costumes, tables and the most creative contact group. The evening ended with music, salsa couple dancing, rodeo bull riding in the school yard and a huge thunderstorm put an abrupt end to a thoroughly warm and cosy party.

Saturday In the morning the students were ready for the first common run and although it rained a lot, almost everyone completed the first stage of the Vilsted Søløbet.
In the afternoon it continued to rain, so the REC Olympiad was replaced by various indoor activities in the sports hall and cinema. Sunday we held a swimming test at Rønbjerg beach, and almost all students swam the 300 metres in open water. The swim test allows students to participate in all water activities at school and on trips. The water was not very warm, but motivation was high. The Italian guest students were in the water and got a lot of respect for "winter swimming".

Start the 300m swim test in nice fresh water.

During the week, all the book classes have started and all students are placed in one of the 4 academic levels in each subject. With a complexity of approximately 12000 entries in 418 individual forms, several unintentional errors occurred, but students and teachers resolved these with patience and understanding. In the profile subjects, the sailors in particular benefited from the good weather. The newly started golf team was invited to visit the big golf tournament Made in Denmark, which is played at Himmerlands Golf Center this week. They were joined by the gastronomy team, who had the opportunity to see how our new chef Jimmi Petersen was managing the gastronomy of this huge event at first hand.

The golf team with new equipment.

Thursday we ended the intro period with singing together and hugging. After the lesson, the new bus service between Ranum and the border was premiered. Students could also book a bus to Hobro and to Løgstør. The new bus service provides connections to the direct trains and buses to the bigger cities in the country and makes it possible to reach home in a reasonable time. The international students are visiting their host families and all students and staff are getting a well-deserved break this weekend.
The bus service is an offer that we provide during return weekends when it is difficult to find direct public connections.


REC bus seen in Central Jutland on its way from Ranum to the Border with happy afterschool students who now save ½-3 hours of transport.

In the coming week, the focus will be on the academic programmes, the profile subjects and the start of club subjects in the evening. Students have requested clubs and in addition to football, music and creative subjects, a Glee Club is starting and already has 12 members. Thursday it's Master Fatman night, with a focus on good karma and community in the houses and rooms. The following weekend is the Water Sports Weekend with sailing, water performance and surf.

Archery is a new elective.

Students return Sunday For those parents who want to join the volunteer Parents' Council, there will be a meeting with food at 6pm and we will be visited by 2 representatives from last year's Parents' Committee.
We look forward to students fresh and rested.

Best regards and have a nice weekend
Olav Storm