Community, good start on profile subjects and solar eclipse.

Dear reader!

Last week ended with a weekend full of activities, out-of-house events and Open Days. The school's very talented dance troupe (or crew) REPlay 'hip hopped' his way to a nice 8th place at Hip Hop International in Randers.

Good open house event

Our Open House event for both prospective students and other young people interested in attending afterschool was a great success. We would like to take this opportunity to thank the many visitors, our students and our staff for an event that has received much praise.

Challenged community

From a pedagogical point of view, the weekend and the beginning of this week have unfortunately also offered some incidents that have challenged our community. Some students have violated the school's framework and rules for behaviour - including the consumption of alcohol. We have talked about the challenges with the students at our community assembly and it has been a topic at the contact group meetings.

Profile subjects off to a good start

The profile subjects have got off to a good start. It's great to see the energy created when students take on new challenges with an open mind! More pictures and videos from the new profile subjects can be seen on our facebook page where man will also find updates from school life in general.

Lunch barbecue on the first spring day of the year

It has been a week of sunshine, spring flowers and singing birds - a week where we had to slow down after the weekend, a week where we had to remind each other that together we are the strongest.

The kitchen team has also taken advantage of the lovely sunshine and given it extra gas... or coal;=) by treating us to a culinary experience that sends thoughts of a hot summer day.

Solar eclipse

Speaking of a week of sunshine, next week will offer a spectacular experience - that is, if it's cloudless - as we'll have the chance to witness an 85% solar eclipse Friday d. 20. The school will make a small event around this incident and therefore goggles have been purchased for everyone. Fingers crossed that the good weather holds!

Have a great weekend.

Ranum After School