Workshops, roadshow and carnival

Dear reader!

The classic winter holiday week was this year replaced by a real afterschool week with a number of exciting professional days and mini courses: Monday to Wednesday there were courses in Rhetoric, Presentation Techniques, Video Storytelling, and Physical Education. On Thursday there was a maths day and on Friday all the cultural teams gave presentations to each other. Throughout the week, students have taken turns on a roadshow of cultural studies lectures and performances in a variety of cities. We also did alternative morning exercise one morning with PE and then we had a big Shrove Tuesday party, as well as mixing the contact groups for dinner. All in all, it's been an eventful week.


Monday evening we had a big Shrovetide party with a barrel race, lots of good humour and delicious Shrovetide buns. Both pupils and teachers were dressed up and even though it can be "embarrassing" in the teenage years, the costumes and the barrel-banging competition were in full swing.


From Tuesday to Friday, the students have been taking turns to share and entertain with experiences and lessons from the big cultural trips in January. It has been a great challenge for several students to stand in front of an audience, but also very instructive. Most coped with the challenge very well, others only discovered the seriousness and importance of timely preparation when they were on stage, and a few learned that one should probably check on appointments before leaving home. On future Sundays, parents who were unable to attend the Roadshow will have the opportunity to hear about the cultural journeys and we have divided the days by continent so that you can hear several cultural presentations in the same evening. Registration via the school timetable.


Monday to Wednesday there were classes in rhetoric, video, newspaper editing and sports. The courses were run by both in-house teachers and skilled guest teachers. On Wednesday there was a competition in giving a speech and in making a powerpoint presentation, and there were many great products and presentations. Many enjoyed the fact that there were no regular book classes on the timetable and that there was also time to socialise across the usual classes.

One Day Filmmaker

The One Day Filmmaker video course was a great success, with participants throwing themselves into the task of creating a journalistic story in just one day. The topics chosen reflect critical points in the everyday life of a secondary school and the videos also open up a debate on freedom, duties and responsibilities in the community. (Not all of the videos' messages are to be taken on faith - the supermarket is NOT closing on 1 April!) The videos also showed that it is possible to learn how to make "professionally" composed content and scenes, in a very short time.

Pedagogical the week has offered real after-school atmosphere, and especially the carnival party was really nice. On the other hand, we also experienced the "expected" challenge of parents releasing their student for "winter break" and this created gaps in the community in the rooms and the school, so that for some students it affected their experience of the week. The parent group has been given a recommendation to respect that each student, is an important part of the community in the room, in the house and in the school and that everyone should also participate in the Friday cleaning 🙂

In the coming week the 3rd period profile starts and the book classes resume in full force. On Friday, the winners of the big photo, video and article competition will be revealed!
- see the features in the last Newsletter. They are fantastic!
Sunday evening 22.2. there will be presentations on Nepal, China, Philippines and there will be a dinner for registered parents and siblings, as well as students at 18.00. Registration on the school timetable for parents from this group by 12 noon on Saturday

You all have a great weekend!

Yours sincerely
Olav Storm