Final exams, Christmas end with torchlight procession and Santa Ib

Dear reader!
The performance weekend and the big Christmas market were a success with very positive feedback from many visitors on FB. We raised 14.803,- kr, for our friendship school in Nepal and for an orphanage in Peru.
The programme for the weekend flowed well and besides the Global Factor performance and the Christmas market, most of the students also heard the presentation on the 3rd period profile subjects. The finished 3rd period Profile magazine is ready as a browse PDF.
This week has seen term tests for all students in Years 9-10 and the international teams. The invigilators have been busy and fortunately we had a lot of help from a senior group in the School Board. There was very good concentration at the tests and many sat out the time. We gained valuable experience ahead of the summer tests and it was clear to see that the students also became more test savvy during the week.
Thursday At noon, the end-of-term exams ended and all students gathered for the grand finale of the kitchen's Emma Gad competition, where everyone focused on good table manners, joy around the meal and respect for the food. We were visited by a journalist from Nordjyske and the next day there was a big article in the newspaper. LINK...
In the afternoon there was the annual Christmas chief ball competition, where the contact groups competed against each other in hard fights. Everyone was dressed up in teasing 70s sportswear and there was plenty of fun and laughter.
Thursday evening became more solemn, when we all went in a torchlight procession to Ranum Church and gathered for a very nice Christmas service with our local pastor John Vestergaard. The afterschool's own Christmas choir sang up the beautiful room in between singing together and the sermon. Thursday night everyone was up late and the whole school was buzzing with joy, excitement and fun, it was obvious that the Christmas holidays were coming and it was the last chance to have fun before 14 days of separation.
Friday there was Christmas brunch and no morning exercise. Then we all did Christmas clean up in rooms and all common areas. After lunch, we gathered for the end of Christmas party in the banquet hall and after singing together, the Christmas choir entertained again and then the students greeted each other good Christmas and Happy New Year in 12 different languages.

The first half of the school year ended with us dancing around the school and ending up in the schoolyard at the Tree of Life, where the RE Christmas man, Santa Ib, his elves and reindeer with helpers were called out. This only happens once a year and is a fantastic experience. At the end, the pupils hugged the Tree of Life good Christmas and distributed to all parts of the country and many countries.
The staff finished with a fantastic Christmas party with the theme Hippie and when man knowing the diversity of our group of employees, I don't think I need to say that it was a great end. Now we all have a well-deserved Christmas break. The school will be closed until 4 January, but we will be open for tours on 2 January for young people from abroad who are home for the Christmas holidays, and for other interested parties.
We look forward to seeing you all again in January, and especially for the upcoming cultural studies trips in January. Take care of yourselves this Christmas and the holidays. 
On behalf of all employees, we wish you a very Christmas and happy new year!
Olav Storm Johannsen