Concert, final football and reunion day

Image: CONGRATULATIONS GIRLS - THAT'S IT!! :-) :-) :-)On Thursday afternoon the girls team fought for second place in the battle for the North Jutland championship in football.In a close final, where the girls fought to the last whistle and once again showed great courage and will to win, we unfortunately had to see ourselves defeated by the girls team from HCI, who on a rainy and muddy pitch were awarded a lucky penalty kick, which gave them the victory...Despite a lot of close calls, sprints, nice runs and a handful of corner kicks towards the end of the match, we failed to get the ball in the box and had to settle for 2nd place. BUT PYT, - there is now enough to rejoice about! It has been two fantastic and eventful days in Thisted, where many smiles have been generated, 4 wins, 1 draw, 1 defeat - and then we have managed to let in only two goals in six games!

Dear reader!
It has been a week with a strong focus on academics, and all students have received their first standpoint grades, and we have completed the first profile period with evaluation. On Tuesday we had a concert by Dancer with Dirt and they emptied the ballroom of chairs and filled it dancing happy young people. Thursday the girls took a great 2nd place in the finals of the North Jutland Championships. On Friday, the majority of the students went to their first student party with the theme white sensations. According to rumours, it went really well.

Pedagogically, it's been a super nice week, with lots of excitement and energy leading up to the student party on Friday. However, the week started off a little slow for 9 students who were on a night out, and this caused a bit of a pedagogical pick up. We build our pedagogy on trust and occasional checking, and I think that had just been forgotten over the holidays and travel week.

On Saturday, the whole school was once again filled with over 570 former pupils for a really nice reunion day. We sang the Tree of Life and GiĀ“os the Light Back, so the banquet hall shook and all afternoon the house was buzzing with life everywhere. In the evening, the students from the last 3 grades went to a joint RE-union party and filled Haverslev hall again for the second day in a row.

Next week is the regular timetable and then the start of the new cultural subjects. It will be exciting to clarify the interests and goals of the respective culture classes. Over the next few days, we will form a joint programme to prepare students and teachers for the big cultural studies expedition in January. On Monday there will be a concert by Keep Camping.
On Friday there are voluntary parent/school talks about the academic standpoint, and then there is a sibling weekend with Halloween and Disney theme. Registration is sent out per the school schedule.

We look forward to seeing all students back after a well-deserved weekend, and preferably for winter time - remember now!

Best regards and have a great Sunday!

Olav Storm