Samples, cupcakes and memory book

Dear reader!
The whole Ranum Efterskole is buzzing with exam preparation and activity. As the results of the year's efforts arrive in the post and the teams complete their oral exams, so does the progress report. Many teams are doing really well, and one English team in particular stands out with a written average of 11.3 and an oral average of 11.5. That's just a super result that everyone can be proud of! Another group of students who should be proud is the hunting team, who have just passed their hunting exams!

Samples puts some pressure on many students, but fortunately this can be relieved through the many activities besides reading and tests. The week has included cup-cake baking championships, homemade elderflower juice production and open fire pancake making. It was a fantastic morning with lots of creativity and fun.

It's time to write memory books, and one afternoon the students gathered at Vilsted Lake to write greetings in each other's books, while enjoying the sun and water to their own music, as well as the Bruges rolls.

We also had a visit from an Ambassador for Traffic Safety Live, Rene Holtebo Merrild. He caught the attention of the youngsters and put their safety on the agenda for a couple of hours, and there were also a few hints for our many street performers, who are fortunately doing quite well - or flying in the schoolyard. NB. The big ramp in the skate hall is now complete and ready to challenge everyone!

Today, Friday, the students are at the last student party organised by this year's Parents and Student Party Committee. There is a great support from all sides. We hope the students have a safe and enjoyable party on this bright summer evening.

In the coming week there are again oral exams non-stop and beside these some activities. Among other things, there is the run-up to the gala, as well as a number of nominations. Students have their own nominations in all sorts of imaginative categories. And then all students have the opportunity to nominate and choose the girl and boy who will be the 2014 Buddies of the Year. The award is sponsored by Rotary Løgstør and is presented for the 4th year in a row at this year's graduation on 28 June.

This coming weekend, hopefully there will be a lot of students at the school, enjoying the last weekend with a lot of community and activity. The students can both enjoy themselves at the school. In Rønbjerg there is the Rønbjerg Open with surfing, wakeboarding and SUP boards this weekend. Ranum Efterskole also has some participants and helps with the activity. The students can also go to the Aalborg Regatta, where we have an activity tent and our large sailboat with us. Ranum Efterskole's gastronomy students and head chef Lars Jeppesen also invite you to a world premiere in the form of a new Limfjord dish in honour of the old nun Jomfru Ane.
Stop by the Utzon house at the harbour. We hand out samples and offer a boat trip.

Best regards and have a great weekend!

Olav Storm