Oral exams and lots of activity

Dear reader!

The week has offered concentrated reading time and a host of oral exams, as well as a Grundlovs event, football match, D-day marking, 2nd class day and video day.
Monday saw the start of the oral exams, and since then more than 120 pupils have taken exams in science, English, maths, etc. The exams have got off to a good start and there is a very good calm about the process.
Every morning there is a morning meeting where, in addition to the news of the day, we go through the programme of activities. Pupils should preferably study in the days leading up to their oral exams so that they are well prepared and there are tutorials if there are questions about the syllabus. Students who need a break from revision and who have been up during the day can take part in a wide range of activities.
This week there have been offers for water performance, design, beach volleyball, sailing, hardball for girls, physical training, football match, swimming etc.

On Monday the girls and boys played a football match against Himmerlands Ungdomskole and won. On Wednesday we had the annual 2nd class day, where all Vesthimmerland 2nd classes were invited to an activity and sports day at Ranum Efterskole organised by RE students.

On Wednesday, we also made this year's "memory video", which shows this student team's many profile subjects and tells about their school year in moving pictures. The weather was fantastic and it was a great final day for many profile subjects. In the afternoon, almost all students were at the beach, where there was surfing, diving and ploughing, sailing, wakeboarding, and of course the opportunity for a dip in the Limfjorden, which is now approaching 20 degrees.

Thursday was Constitution Day, and both the morning and afternoon sessions focused on the importance of the Constitution for our democracy and society. In the afternoon, thunder and rain threatened, so the outdoor activities were replaced by a trip to Badelandet in Rønbjerg.

On Friday, we focused on the 70th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, and the images of this historic battle stuck with the students, marking that many nations have fought for the values we enjoy today.This weekend, a lot of students are at school and they enjoy sailing, cycling, etc.


Pedagogical the last weeks of the school year are filled with many and often contradictory emotions. As students finish their exams and get some more air, they have more time for socialising and activity. At the same time, for some, it is terrifying that there is so little time to experience and relive community. For the vast majority of students, the increased freedom to live after-school life means that they make their closest friendships during these weeks. And for a few students, the opposite feelings mean that they unfortunately abuse the freedom and perhaps get caught up in the school's rules and framework. We naturally talk to students about this tension and encourage them to look out for each other, and it would be a good idea to have the talk at home too.

In the coming week we start Monday after 6 pm. The week continues with oral exams and offers of help with revision, as well as a wide range of activities. At the end of the week on Friday, students hold their last student party.

Happy Whitsun and have a nice weekend.
Olav Storm