Newsletter 13.3.14

Dear reader,

It has been an eventful week at Ranum Efterskole, and the spring sun has got everyone in a spring mood.

We can look back on a good and well-attended weekend with an interview day for the future student team and an Open House event.
On Saturday we had a visit from the new pupils for the school year 14/15 and their families. The new students had in-depth conversations with the teachers and the opportunity to hear the many exciting presentations that were offered.

On Sunday we had an Open House from 13-17, which was a great success. We had many families who were interested in seeing the school and getting a better idea of what a stay at Ranum Efterskole is like. Throughout the day there were presentations about Ranum Efterskole and about Ranum Efterskole College. In the classroom it was possible to talk to the different teachers about the many interesting subjects Ranum Efterskole offers.In addition, there were stands with the many profile subjects and the exciting travel destinations, where videos from the many journeys were shown.

Monday saw the start of the Cambridge oral exams on the College line, so there have been a few extra nerves among some of the students. The exams will continue next week.

During the week, the Pilgrimage team has been on a wonderful walk around Vilsted Lake of 18 km in the great weather the week has offered. In addition, the team has been visited by Birgit Trolle, who gave an inspiring talk about her experiences with El Camino.

Other students have also enjoyed the beautiful spring weather that has hit Ranum this week, and took every opportunity to get some sunshine in their heads.

Water Performance has also enjoyed the weather turning and, despite the cold temperatures in the water, is back on track.

On Wednesday, we had a small fashion show at the assembly, where some fresh students jumped into the new collection of commemorative clothes and showed them off to the other students. This year, the commemorative clothes need to be ordered on the school website, under the current student tab. The deadline for ordering commemorative clothing is 19 March.

Today, Thursday, the students are heading home for a well-deserved extended weekend, as tomorrow, Friday, is free of classes. The majority of staff and governors are at the Beatles musical "All You need is Love",on Sunday and we look forward to the pupils returning to school on Sunday after 6pm.

Best regards and have a nice weekend

Maria Jakobsen

PR & Communication