Newsletter 28.2.14

Dear reader,

After a week of wonderful and well-deserved holidays, the students are back at school, buzzing with energy and life.

On Sunday evening, Lisa Clark arrived at the school. Lisa is a dance teacher at the High School of Violin and Dance in New York, which is one of the schools we visit every year. Lisa will be at the school for 14 days and will take over the dance classes for those weeks.

In addition, while Lisa is here, there are various dance workshops in the evenings. 

On Sunday evening we also had a visit from a boy from Colombia, Estaban Serrano. Estaban comes from AFS and will follow the IGCSE programme.  

This week, many of the students have been working on their choice of secondary education. The careers advisors have been busy, but fortunately most of them are now in place.

The week has also seen the launch of exciting new profile courses.

 GastronomySailingDancePractical diving classes in the pool & seaStreet Performance - Alpine skiing - Cirkus - MusicHorseback riding - Hardball/adventure - Free Skiing - Water PerformanceVisual Design - Cheerleading - Dive & Plunge - The Pilgrimage. 

Wednesday night was a concert with the Danish reggaeton duo - Camilo & Grande. A great success, where the students had a really fun

During the week, students made presentations to each other about the cultural trips they had completed. In this context put together even more great videos. Both films and presentations can be seen at the Open Day. 

In addition, some of the students have been out giving talks about the exciting journeys. It is an incredibly good exercise and another opportunity for the students to share their experiences with others.

Sunday evening we have Ghana evening at school, where the students who were in Ghana will give a talk to their parents.

In the coming week, the focus will once again be on academic subjects and the new profile subjects. On Thursday we will have a carnival party at school, where all students and teachers will be dressed up, so it will be exciting to see a lot of hopefully creative and beautiful costumes.

Next week we will have an international teacher and a student teacher on placement. They come from VIA and are following a one-year international student teacher programme.

On Saturday next week we will interview the new students for the coming school year 14/15, and on Sunday we will have an Open House from 13-17, which is a mandatory day for all current students, as there will be no classes on Friday 14 March.

The Open Day is specifically targeted at admissions for the 15/16 school year and beyond. There are only a few trainee places left for the 14/15 school year, and these are primarily for the international programme. Come and hear about our many exciting academic programmes and profile subjects, as well as efterskole life in general.

The week ended with a community assembly, where students were taught to dance by Lisa, much to the amusement of many.

Tonight, parents and the student party committee are holding the 3rd student party. It will take place outside the school, and we wish all participants and parents a very good and safe party night.

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Best regards and have a nice weekend

Maria Jakobsen

Communications Officer